Why Go to East Lyme Connecticut?

East Lyme Connecticut is a town located in New London County, Connecticut. The population of the town was 18,908 at the last census. The towns of Flanders and Niantic are situated along the town’s eastern edge. These towns are home to a number of businesses and a variety of residents. The most populated part of East Lyme is the downtown area that houses many of the businesses and homes.

East Lyme Connecticut

The town is in fact a major city and has a few suburbs, but most of the town’s people live in is the downtown area. The most popular business on the west side of the city is the St. Paul’s Church and The Vineyard. There are also several restaurants in the area. Most of the restaurants offer a wide variety of foods, but many have a small selection. You will find that most restaurants in East Lyme Connecticut serve American, Caribbean, Italian and Chinese food.

The Central Business District of the city is home to a number of local businesses. A number of banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions are located in the area. These financial institutions are also found in all of the towns in Connecticut. This is also where the most of the businesses in the area are located.

Some of the more well-known businesses in the Central Business District are the Sears Tower, a large high rise building, and the Prudential Building. The State House is also located in this area. All of these buildings are situated in an area that is close to the downtown area. This makes it easy for people to walk from one area of the downtown to another.

People work in the business and financial district every day. Many of the workers are office workers, such as bookkeepers and accountants. They can also work in other areas in the city and in the suburbs. In addition to the office work of employees, there are also a number of retailers in the area.

The retail business of the central business district is centered around a large number of high rise buildings. Some of the main retail locations include a bank, a mall, a grocery store and a movie theater. There are also many stores that cater to the younger and the elderly in the area. A large number of churches and community centers are also located around the business district.

The shopping center of the city is located on the north side of the town near the downtown area. A number of smaller shopping centers are located on the east and west sides of the downtown. All of the smaller shopping centers in the area also contain a variety of restaurants and a variety of different types of retail shops.

The main reason why people visit the city is to enjoy a great vacation spot. There are a number of different activities and attractions that tourists can look forward to when they visit this small Connecticut town. East Lyme Connecticut has everything that a tourist would want or need in a vacation spot.

The best part about many of the popular attractions is that they are just minutes away from the downtown. This means that visitors can walk to many of these attractions without having to drive too far. The shopping center and the shopping districts are not far from the main business district. If you happen to be shopping or eating out in town, you won’t have to travel too far.

One of the biggest attractions for visitors to the town of East Lyme is the shopping center. There is a large mall located within walking distance of the downtown. Mallory Square Shopping Center. This shopping center features both a large number of different types of shops, and a variety of restaurants.

For those who enjoy nature, there is a small park just a short walk from downtown. Mallory Park is located a short walk from the center of town. Mallory Park features picnic areas, as well as hiking paths, tennis courts, and playgrounds.

There is also a movie theater within walking distance of the town. The theater is located in downtown’s downtown area. It features movies at most nights and has several restaurants in the area.