Which Toilet Should You Choose?


Which Toilet Should You Choose?

Toilets are a very important piece of hygienic equipment in the home. Many people neglect to make sure that their toilets are clean and well maintained. When unclean, clogged, or unhygienic toilets are present, it is possible to catch a number of contagious diseases from the grime and dirt on the toilet paper and on the bathroom floor. Toilets should be cleaned at least once a month if you have a large family or plan to treat your home with a higher level of personal hygiene than you currently do. The best toilet fixtures for a clean toilet are bidets.

A bidet is an inexpensive piece of bathroom hardware used mainly for the collection and / or disposal of bodily waste. Traditional flush toilets use cold water, while non-flush or dry toilets don’t. older colored toilets are painted red to imitate natural soil, but newer non-colored toilets are typically painted a white color to blend in with the bathroom’s decor. Either way, if you plan to install a bidet in your house, you will need to consider some factors.

The size and layout of your bathroom will influence which type of toilet you should get. Smaller bathrooms might find that a pedestal commode would be the right choice for them; however, if you’re dealing with a tight budget you’ll probably want to go for a wall-mounted commode. A wall-mounted commode is installed directly into the wall next to your sink and shower, eliminating the need for a large vanity table or vanity cabin. With these types of commodes, you can expect to pay a bit more money than if you had chosen a pedestal toilet. The downside to wall-mounted commodes is that they tend to take up more room than traditional flush toilets; however, this makes them perfect for small bathrooms.

If you have a large home with a lot of space, then you might consider fancy toilets. Fancy toilets include things like: power-flushing, bidet, rain-down and spray-down toilets, whirlpools, and more. You can opt for a fancy toilet by paying more money; however, if you have a large family with many members, then cheap yet good quality toilets might be the best bet for you. In addition to these fancy toilets, you can also choose from a wide variety of brands and options; including brands that offer both wall-mounted and floor-standing toilets. With so many brands to choose from, your selection will definitely be extensive.

The main consideration when choosing a new toilet design is whether or not it will serve its purpose. Wall-mounted and floor-standing toilets basically have the same function as flush-able toilets, i.e., to flush. Therefore, you must think about whether the extra money is worth it. If your goal is to save money on your utilities bills, then installing a tank-less flushing toilet will work just fine. Tank-less flushing toilets still require an auger, although they can often run even without electricity.

If you do decide to install a tank-less toilet, then you have two main options. You can either go with a small tank that’s very comparable in size to a soda can; or you can go with a larger tank, which will allow you to use more water at one time. Both types of toilets boast numerous features, including: positive flow, automatic flushing, timed shut off, dual controls, dual water levels, low water indicator, anti-bacterial properties, self-cleaning features, volume control, spill-proof design, dual controls for flush and flushing, glass bowls, seat-throwing mechanisms, and the ever-helpful “low water” command. In addition to all of these, the tankless toilets also provide the convenience of being able to adjust the height of the bowl, as well as the shut-off timer. These toilets have nozzles that let you adjust the flow rate of the water; thus, allowing you to get as much water as you need, rather than all of it being flushed at once.

The downside of having a tank-less toilet is the fact that it’s generally larger than a conventional commode. Therefore, if you have a large family or plan on using your new toilet for many years, it might be a better idea to opt for a commode with a larger volume. Another drawback of having a new commode is that it can be loud. If you have a bathroom in a multi-story home, you may not want to buy a new commode just yet. Also, if you purchase a new commode, you’ll have to replace the trap within the commode with a larger one, which can be more costly.

When choosing a commode, it’s best to get something that will fit the shape and size of your new toilet. While most toilets come in standard and narrow, there are plenty of options for you to choose from, such as: elongated, shallow bowl, deep bowl, shallow, full-service and self-rimming toilet bowls. These options will help you find the toilet that best fits your needs. So, when the time comes to select a new toilet for your house, don’t forget to consider your options.