What You Should Know About Voluntown Connecticut

Voluntown Connecticut is an upscale area located in the north part of New London Connecticut, close to the Connecticut Turnpike. Voluntown is located along the banks of the Connecticut River. It is known for its restaurants and shopping.

Voluntown Connecticut

Voluntown is also known as “The Jewel of the Hudson Valley.” It is a busy community with a number of attractions including restaurants, shopping centers and the Windham State Park. The residents of Voluntown Connecticut are quite affluent. They tend to own and live in homes with manicured gardens and large pools.

Voluntown has a high level of crime. In addition to being a busy place to live, it is also a busy place to shop. The main shopping area is on Main Street, while the suburbs include the towns of Woodbridge, Plainville and Westport. A number of malls have opened around Voluntown and surrounding areas.

The population of Voluntown Connecticut in 2020 was about 2,633. The median age was about 41 years old, and the median income was about five thousand dollars. The highest level of education attained was a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

There are many stores in Voluntown that sell clothing, jewelry, artwork and crafts. These include local stores such as Shoppers Stop and Sam’s Club. There are a number of restaurants that serve a variety of different foods. The Town Hall Mall has a large parking lot for residents who use the mall on a regular basis.

There are some businesses in Voluntown that specialize in various real estate types. The shops include an outlet of the Home Decorator’s Association. The Town Hall Mall is the location for the Windham Fair and the Windham Farm Store. There are also restaurants in Voluntown, such as The Barracuda Grill and Restaurant and The Garden Grill.

There is another popular shopping center that is located in Voluntown. This is the Windham Mall. This shopping center offers different types of clothing and other items for women, men and children.

In recent years, there has been some decline in the number of people living in Voluntown Connecticut. Many new houses and condos have been built in the area. Many of these condos are in the suburbs. As long as there is an adequate amount of money being spent on the community, there will always be a high level of residents living in Voluntown.

If you enjoy walking around and shopping in the outdoors, Voluntown is the perfect place for you. There are a number of stores that sell a variety of items including books, art and crafts, clothing and jewelry. Many of these items are locally produced by people who have made their homes in Voluntown over the years.

Voluntown is located on the Connecticut River and is part of the New Haven Metro-North Railroad line. It is thirty minutes from New York City. The railroad station is right in downtown Voluntown and is close enough for many to take public transportation to the downtown area.

There are also a number of hotels in Voluntown and they are located in a number of different neighborhoods. The Fairfield Inn and The Holiday Inn Express are two of the more popular hotels.

There are a number of different schools in Voluntown and many of them offer a variety of different types of education for students in the area. These include elementary and secondary schools.

Voluntown is one of the top destinations for people who are interested in having a home based business and work from home. There is a large number of individuals that have chosen to live in Voluntown and work from home and there is likely a wide range of people who want to do this also. There is no shortage of jobs available in Voluntown for those who are willing to work hard and make an effort to obtain the opportunities that exist. The town is full of creativity, and people that enjoy having fun.