West Hartford, Connecticut

West Hartford Connecticut is a growing town in Connecticut, United States, around the city of Hartford. The last five years has seen an increase of over three hundred thousand people to this area alone. The overall population has been quite steady, but the growth has been considerable, especially since the two-thirds cut in the state funding to schools was implemented.

West Hartford Connecticut

West Hartford is located around the border of Connecticut and Massachusetts. It is a beautiful city that is considered to be a cultural haven. Many tourists come to this town every year because of its beautiful landscapes and numerous festivals. You will find West Hartford is one of the oldest towns in the state of Connecticut. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Connecticut.

West Hartford Connecticut was incorporated as a town in 1734. This was the first town in Connecticut to be incorporated. Today there are over thirty-two towns and the entire metropolitan area boasts over one hundred and forty-thousand residents. A majority of the people who live in this town are from Connecticut and many of them are from the surrounding states. It is mostly a younger population, which is what you will notice if you take a trip down to the downtown Hartford shopping areas.

With the new American President Obama in office, the focus is now on bringing back jobs to America. This means more money for the economy. Many people believe bringing back jobs is good for everyone in the country. Many say that by having more people working, more people will have money to buy products that will ultimately make everyone in the country rich. Right now many businesses are feeling the pinch and therefore they have laid off a lot of their employees. This is not good for the economy either.

West Hartford Connecticut has been very busy in the construction business lately because so many large corporations have left the USA in search of greener pastures. One of the places they are now moving their facilities is to the state’s capital, West Hartford Connecticut. They have moved their corporate headquarters here because it is easier to get a tax break in West Hartford Connecticut than anywhere else in Connecticut. That’s why the mayor of this wonderful town has done everything in his power to attract these multinational companies. He has also set up many parks and recreation centers.

West Hartford Connecticut also has a town meeting center where all town residents can go and meet other people who live in the area. Every Friday night at 7 PM there is a meeting held at this town meeting center called the Greater Hartford Planning Commission and it is run by the West Hartford City Council. There are also small city planning boards in neighboring towns such as New Britain, Connecticut, which are quite similar to the one in West Hartford.

A big attraction for this part of the state is the West End Cinema, which is located in West Hartford. The theater was built in 1931 and is known all over the world for its quality of movie and music. This theater regularly gets sold out, which is good news for the residents of West Hartford and the greater Hartford area. Another attraction in the town of West Hartford is the Verizon Wireless store. There are several Verizon Wireless stores in West Hartford Connecticut along with several in neighboring towns.

Downtown West Hartford is where you’ll find the state capital of Connecticut, the state’s capital, just a few blocks from the heart of the city. Here you will find the Connecticut tourism office, the state’s largest museum, the state’s largest bookstore, the state’s first major public library, the state’s largest sports arena and even a gigantic Columbus mall. All of this is located in the heart of the downtown area of West Hartford Connecticut. If you enjoy shopping then you’ll love what the town of West Hartford has to offer because it not only has a lot of retail stores but also a lot of places to eat and places to drink.