West Hartford Connecticut – A Wonderful Place to Raise Your Family

West Hartford Connecticut is a small city in Connecticut, the state capital, just west of New London. It is just over five miles from downtown Hartford, Connecticut and the location of the University of Connecticut at College campuses. The 2021 population was slightly over 63,000. It is a great place to live, work or visit for business purposes.

West Hartford Connecticut

West Hartford Connecticut is located on the eastern shore of Connecticut and the southern border of Rhode Island. This city is known for its rich culture, arts, fine restaurants and it’s largest college campus. West Hartford is considered to be a cultural hub for students and professionals alike in the greater Connecticut region.

Living in West Hartford, Connecticut is very easy due to the many local cities and towns that are located here. You can get out of your car and explore all of the beautiful parts of the countryside that surrounds the city and the five hundred plus homes that line the banks of the Connecticut River. There is also plenty of walking, biking, golfing and fishing to do while you are in town. West Hartford Connecticut is conveniently located just about any place that you want to be and just a short driving distance from New London and New York City, which means that you can go almost anywhere that you need to go in the USA without having to travel out of state.

The downtown area of West Hartford Connecticut is just a short drive away from several other Connecticut towns. You can get downtown in about thirty minutes by car or train. You can take a commuter rail into West Hartford and be in the city in under two hours. If you have never been to West Hartford, Connecticut before you will find that there are many shopping opportunities in town along with many popular restaurants and businesses.

West Hartford is in the middle of the Tri County Central Park. This is one of the largest man made urban parks in the world. There are also plays, museums, zoos, gardens and a major convention center in the town. The county itself also has a very large international airport that offers flights to Chicago and Denver. The downtown area of West Hartford Connecticut is connected to the rest of the state by the commuter railway.

West Hartford Connecticut is about ten miles from New London and about twenty-five miles from New Haven. It is considered to be a central part of the Connecticut River culture. This is why there is so much going on in the downtown area of the town. You will find the Riverside parks, art galleries and restaurants throughout the town and even up into New London. The New Haven connection is that the two cities share a common border with three rivers flowing through their towns.

The housing market is very good in West Hartford Connecticut and the real estate values are very reasonable. The town is made up of about four hundred and sixty residential communities. Some of the communities are very exclusive and have very little chain stores or other businesses. The overall appearance of the towns is what you would expect from a small town with a main street and multiple smaller streets through it. If you have an automobile, you can easily get to work and to the different parts of the town from any place in a matter of minutes.

West Hartford Connecticut is known for the large number of families that live here. The schools are very good with many of them teaching similar subjects as those found in the New Haven schools. Those who live in the town and commute to New Haven often use public transportation to get around. When it comes to food in Hartford, there are more Italian restaurants than you will ever see in any other city in Connecticut.