Waterford Connecticut – A Brief Guide

Waterford is a beautiful town in New London County, Connecticut. It’s named after Waterford, Ireland, an infant son of King William III. Waterford is a river town and has a lot to offer for those who enjoy nature and rivers. The town is considered to be one of the prettiest towns in Connecticut. The total population in 2021 was 19,518.

Waterford Connecticut

Waterford was incorporated as a town in 1738. The first church was constructed here by the English. The first post office was established here. The town was the first seat of the Privy Council and Queen Anne’s Chapel. There are beautiful gardens and parks in Waterford.

Waterford offers a lot of different activities to do. It is also known for its beautiful lakes. Two lakes in Waterford are Lake Woebegone and Lake Mere.

Lake Woebegone is a freshwater lake located on the south side of Waterford. This lake offers a boat dock and there are many restaurants. Lake Mere is an inland lake that is connected to the Connecticut River. Many people visit this lake for swimming and fishing. Lake Mere is a large inland lake that is in close proximity to Waterford.

Waterford is very close to New London, Connecticut. This close proximity offers numerous attractions to Waterford residents. The New London train station is right across the street from Waterford. The Connecticut Railway Museum is in New London. There are also a ton of shopping centers in Waterford.

Waterford is also very close to New London. This helps to make the town attractive to tourists. There is a theater in Waterford, which is two blocks away from the Waterford train station. Waterford offers plenty of different activities for children to enjoy. The Waterford Connecticut State Park is located in the town.

Waterford is the home of Richard Ford. The Ford Motor Company made its first car in Waterford. Waterford is also where John F. Kennedy delivered his famous speech. The town also has a minor league ice arena. The arena offers several winter sports such as ice hockey, bocce ball, football, and basketball. There are also indoor arenas for hockey, football, and basketball.

Waterford is located in Connecticut. It offers plenty of different things for people of all ages to do or see. In addition, the town offers many beautiful shops for tourists to visit.

Waterford is a small city. It is about a three hour drive north of New London. The closest hotel to Waterford is the Holiday Inn at Florence Waterford Pond. This hotel offers a nice array of rooms. The breakfast is also good.

Waterford offers plenty of entertainment. Many of the stores in town have been owned by different businesses. These businesses have kept the town alive and profitable over the years.

Waterford is close to New London. This helps to make it a great place to live. Waterford shares a border with Rhode Island. People who live in Waterford can travel to Rhode Island easily because of the bridges and tunnels that link the two states.

Waterford is a unique town in Connecticut. Many of the older houses and stores are colonial. The other modern buildings are based around Thomas Edison’s hometown of Wethersfield. Waterford is a historical town. There are plenty of old churches and historical buildings for people to see. There is even a museum dedicated to the life of Thomas Edison.

Waterford is a great place to visit. There are plenty of things to do. The town is also very well known for the hamlet of Wethersfield. Waterford is definitely a place to enjoy your stay in Connecticut.