Waterbury Connecticut

Waterbury, Connecticut is located in the state of Connecticut in the northeast part of the state. Waterbury is also the second-most populous city in Connecticut, the sixth most populous city in the state and the third-most populous city in Connecticut overall. Waterbury is known for being the birthplace to such names as Appleton, Danvers, Greenwich, Westport and Yale. Waterbury has played a key role in shaping the character of the United States by being home to two of the greatest universities in the nation – Yale University and the University of Massachusetts. Many celebrities have also found their way to Waterbury including famed author John Steinbeck, actor George Clooney, football player John Elway and singer Neil Diamond.

Waterbury Connecticut

Waterbury is located on the Connecticut River and is bordered by the towns of Southwestern Connecticut and Fairfield. The closest large city to Waterbury is New London. Waterbury shares a border with Rhode Island and is directly in between the Eastern Connecticut State University and the University of New Haven. Waterbury is also a main spot for the movie industry and is known for being the location of the filming for the movie taxidermist pictures and the television show “The Sopranos.”

Waterbury Connecticut is naming Waterbury because it was a busy fishing harbor back in the days of captaincies. There were so many mariners that the city grew to a point where it had to build an extensive harbor to handle all of the commerce that went on. In the late 1700s a man named Willard Sickles designed for what is today known as the Waterbury Lighthouse, which is still on Waterbury Island. There was a ferry that went to the island from the mainland and then back again. This ferry was later replaced by the train that runs between Waterbury Island and the New London train station.

Waterbury Island is one of the largest towns that are on Waterbury Connecticut. The entire town of Waterbury Connecticut was originally built on a lake. Waterbury Island was a small island that connected to the mainland of Connecticut. Over the years Waterbury Island has grown to become one of the most well-known towns in Connecticut.

One of the main attractions of the town of Waterbury is its famous Waterbury Lighthouse, which is recognized as a National Historic Landmark. This magnificent structure is over two hundred years old and sits on a ninety-acre lake that is part of the New London Colonie. The Waterbury Lighthouse was designed by renowned architect Danielvan Gell. It was built to honor the United States navy. The lighthouse stands today and serves as a historical site.

There are many places that you can visit in Waterbury. There is a wide variety of shopping, dining, and other entertainment that you can take part in when you are in the town. Many people who live in or around Waterbury commute to the New London area, so it is common for people to take strolls along the shore and take in what the town has to offer.

Waterbury Connecticut is also home to the oldest grocery store in the state. The Mantra Food Store is located at Waterbury Corner Plaza on High Street in the city. This family owned business has been running for over one hundred years and offers a large variety of fresh products, locally made treats and much more.

The Waterbury Connecticut Visitor’s Bureau can help you locate information about all of the various things to do in Waterbury. There are many festivals that are held all year around in Waterbury. These events are held to help entertain local residents and visitors. Waterbury Connecticut is also a popular destination for film shoot locations because of the many studios that are located in the area.