Warren Connecticut Medical Society Supports Legitimate Medical Use of Marijuana

Warren Connecticut

Warren Connecticut Medical Society Supports Legitimate Medical Use of Marijuana

Warren Connecticut is located in the state of Connecticut, within the state lines. Warren was ranked as the sixth most populous city in the state of Connecticut, and its population accounts for nearly seven million people today. Warren has more than one hospital, a number of nursing and mental healthcare facilities, and a number of colleges and schools that cater to a wide variety of educational needs. Warren Connecticut is the preferred location when it comes to obtaining medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana is legal in more than one state in the country. However, Warren is one of several towns that have voted against putting it back on the ballot for a vote by the general citizens of the town. Many other cities have made statements to the effect of not supporting, or not wanting to enforce laws that would make it legal for medicinal purposes, even if they themselves do not use marijuana on a regular basis.

Warren has two hospitals that offer medical marijuana to their patients. The Connecticut Women’s Hospital in Warren has made an effort to keep the drug out-of-reach to patients who cannot smoke the plant, for fear of addiction. This hospital is one of several to remove marijuana from its menu of treatments for cancer patients, due to the fact that it has been found that patients who used marijuana in the past had developed cancerous tumors. According to the Women’s Hospital, “The use of medical marijuana has been shown to decrease the appetite and decrease appetite suppressants, which can be self-limiting.” The hospital further added that it does not feel that it is appropriate to use marijuana while a patient is undergoing chemotherapy.

The Connecticut Medical Society is opposed to the Warren town council’s decision to remove marijuana from its local pharmacists’ shelves. The society claims that the plant has medical benefits that outweigh what it may seem to some. The society also points out that smoking the plant can cause addiction issues similar to those found in tobacco use, and that marijuana is habit forming. According to the group, over two hundred studies have been done on the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Many experts agree that smoking or ingesting marijuana is not as harmful to a person as is using tobacco.

Some Warren Connecticut residents are even trying to take advantage of the new laws. Two of these Warren residents have filed suits against the town of Warren and its police chief for violating the newly enacted law. The suit claims that officers handcuffed the man to an electronic leash while they were taking the man for questioning. The officers did not allow the man to call for an attorney or seek other help during the incident, the suit says. One of the men is seeking damages for false arrest, excessive force, violation of his constitutional rights and negligent supervision.

Some state representatives in Warren are attempting to overturn the medical marijuana legislation passed by the city. Representative David Zuckerman is planning to introduce legislation to legalize marijuana for recreational use. His plan would make the regulation a part of state law and allow individuals to grow and consume marijuana on their own; he hopes the measure will clear up the issue of trafficking, which remains a legal gray area in the state.

The two representatives would like to see the law change applied to anyone aged 21 or older who has received a diagnosis from a Connecticut doctor that he or she requires the aid of marijuana in treating a symptom of cancer or another debilitating disease. Zuckerman sees the proposal as an olive branch offered to those who are caught between the line of public policy and what the medical community recommends. He acknowledges that it would be difficult to get rid of the plant in the long run but feels it’s only temporary. He admits there may be some difficulty in getting lawmakers to pass the law but thinks it’s worth the effort to put the state in the position of either enacting the law fully or waiting until the federal government takes action. He anticipates the Connecticut Supreme Court will strike down the new law because he believes it exceeds the jurisdiction of the state. If the court does strike down the law the Warren Connecticut Medical Society and the families of people diagnosed with serious illnesses who rely on medical marijuana will be left without an affordable source of medical marijuana.

It seems that Connecticut is lagging behind other states when it comes to pot possession laws and it’s likely that the legislature will overlook Zuckerman’s bill in committee. But Connecticut is not alone when it comes to attempting to regulate a harmful drug. Several other northeastern US states have already made moves to implement some type of marijuana regulation and many more are expected to follow suit in the near future. Even though the law is expected to be enacted this year, officials don’t know for sure how the courts will rule when faced with a patient who is completely fed up with the prescriptions and wants a complete end to the cannabis habit. If you or a loved one are an active marijuana user who is suffering from ill health and is looking for alternative methods of pain management, why not give marijuana a try?