Trumbull Connecticut – Early Times Through The Eyes Of A Historian

Trumbull is a city located in Fairfield County, Connecticut. It borders the communities of Stratford-on-Avon, Bridgeport and Shelton. The city is known for its annual Shaker Festival. The population in this city was 36,022 as of the 2021 census.

Trumbull Connecticut

Early American History Trumbull was one of the primary ports for the early American traders. John Winthrop Trumbull was the first Governor of the state of Connecticut. In 1732 he was elected as the first United States President by the Constitutional Convention. Early American History proves that Trumbull was selected because of his connection to the famous Coles family which settled in Connecticut.

Early American History also states that Joseph Washington was born in Trumbull Connecticut. Washington served as a captain in the Continental army. During the American revolution, he rose to become the commander of the American forces in both Boston and in the Revolutionary War. He later became the US President and served until his death.

Early Records Trumbull has a rich early American history which can be traced back to the year 1726. This is the year the first colony in what we know today of Connecticut was established by the French. A few families settled in the Trumbull area during this time. The Winthrop family was among these settlers and they later became one of the most prominent families in the colony.

The early town of Trumbull had a post office, which was established in 1726. The first postmaster in the colony was George Winslow. Trumbull was the location of the first European-style town hall and it was here that the very first town meeting was held. It is believed that the present town hall in Trumbull was built as a result of the efforts of George Winslow.

Trumbull Connecticut also is the site of the first American Woman Religious Church. The Winslow family is among those who contributed to the development of this building. This church was built on the grounds that is located today of the same location where the old courthouse is located. The Winthrop house was also here that is where the first United States President, George Washington grew up.

Trumbull Connecticut is also the birth place of the song “Trumbull Sound”. Here you can hear the sounds of the ocean and the town’s fishing pier. Trumbull’s annual Trunkoose parade is one of the largest parades in Connecticut with over fifty floats.

Trumbull Connecticut is one of the many towns in Connecticut that have preserved their historical heritage. There is plenty to do and see in and around the town. The town’s parks and playgrounds, historical Museum, and state parks are also a great place to see.

Trumbull Connecticut is also the home of the first municipal street fair in the country. This fair lasted for three days in 18 44. This fair drew over two hundred people to the streets of Trumbull and was an event that was remembered by future US President John Adams. The town also hosted the first ever Beer and Noodle Championship at the Town Hall.

Trumbull was also the location of the first Academy for the Deaf in the country. This academy was opened in 18 53. The academy taught deaf students how to read, write, and speak. This school was the first of its kind in the country. This school was so successful that it was asked back into existence as a college.

Trumbull was also the birthplace of the American detective Sherlock Holmes. Holmes lived in this town all his life. Holmes worked as a police officer in Trumbull for seven years. He then went on to become an adventurer and writer.

Many of the town’s residents were notable figures from Trumbull’s history. John wardlow was a doctor who helped develop a cure for smallpox. William Gates was a scientist who discovered the Panama Canal. Anna Jarvis is another notable resident. Anna was a nurse and a writer and was also a socialite.