Trumbull Connecticut – A Beautiful Town in Connecticut

Trumbull is a quaint town found in Fairfield County, Connecticut, along the Connecticut River. It borders the towns of Stratford-Upon-Avon, Bridgeport and Shelton. The current population was 35,036 during the last 2021 census. The town of Trumbull has a lot to offer visitors from the New York City and Connecticut shores alike. It is also a sought after vacation destination for those who love the arts and culture of southern Connecticut.

Many people visit Trumbull as a home to families who want to escape the fast pace of life of the city. The town sits about two hours from the more populated areas of Stratford-upon-Avon and New Haven. In fact, the town of Trumbull actually lies between the two.

The town of Trumbull has a long history that dates back to the 1700’s. John Trumbull arranged for a piece of property between the Connecticut River and Fairfield village so that travelers would have easier access to Fairfield Village. One of the benefits of using this land for this purpose was that the river could flow through the property without stopping. However, it was discovered that the soil on this piece of land was too hard and required some sort of drainage. This problem was solved by building what we know today as the Trumbull Pumping Station.

This station later came to be known as the Trumbull high school. Since its establishment, the town of Trumbull has built on its rich educational foundation. There are a number of schools in the town of Trumbull, which all serve different students with different needs.

The most significant historical structure in the town of Trumbull is the William Yale House. The structure, which is located at the corner of Fairfield Village and Bridgeport Street was designed by local architect Samuel Stone and built in 18 47. Though this house can still be visited, the current owners do not allow visitors inside due to safety reasons, but you can still take a trip to the house which was destroyed during the great Boston fire of 1666.

The town of Trumbull borders Bridgeport and Fairfield both on one side. If you take the Trumbull – Bridgeport route, you will arrive on the south side of Fairfield Village, while if you take the opposite direction, you will arrive on the north side of the town. If you decide to start your journey from Fairfield Village, you will see the distinctive brownstones that are remnants of the original homes of the Harvard Street family.

You may be wondering what is so special about this small town of Trumbull besides its interesting architectural designs. Well, the town has more to offer than you can imagine. You can start your day by enjoying the natural beauty of the New England countryside. If you take the Trumbull – Bridgeport route, you will start to notice that you are passing through a high and mighty forest. If you are an outdoors lover, you will be delighted to know that the town is only about three miles away from the serenity of the Atlantic Ocean and its famous river route. You can also get to know the town better as it offers several parks and monuments that can easily be explored.

Trumbull Connecticut is a good place for travelers to start their sightseeing expeditions. With the availability of a variety of destinations, you will never run out of places to visit. The town’s location makes it accessible to people who like the charm of rural living. And since it is situated within easy reach of the Atlantic Ocean and the Connecticut River, the weather here is just perfect every day of the year.