Traveling to Stamford Connecticut For an Amazing Vacation

Stamford Connecticut

Traveling to Stamford Connecticut For an Amazing Vacation

Stamford Connecticut is a vibrant city on Long Island Sound located between New London and Connecticut City. North of downtown, Stamford Museum & Nature Center features exhibits on the cultural and natural history, in a restored 1930 mansion. Its grounds feature an indoor botanical garden, an outdoor interpretive center and an observation tower. The observation tower is a great way to enjoy the city’s rich natural heritage. The waterfront park is home to a fish pond, crabbing dock and playground equipment.

Coney Island is among the many neighborhoods on the CT line. Located between Seton Hall and St. Lucian College, Coney Island features an assortment of buildings including an American Flag billboard. The nearby Long Island Sound connectsicut Avenue to Long Island Avenue, making this neighborhood ideal for families. Coney Island also offers shopping, dining and recreational options. The famous Coney Island pizza restaurant can be found in the neighborhood. Seton Hall University is nearby.

The southern section of Connecticut, spanning from Springfield to Fairfield in the west, to Westport and Suffield in the south, is known asestones district. It is home to a large number of historic homes in both residential and commercial areas. A majority of middle school graduations are held in this community. Inhabited since the 17th century, the village is known for its scenic riverboat tours, fine dining and family attractions. Its shopping centers include Shoppes on Market, Weitang, Sizzler and Fenway Park.

Southwestern Connecticut is home to two major cities: New London and Greenwich. New London is considering the economic center of the state with a number of Fortune 500 companies located here. Its economy relies heavily on its proximity to New York City and other regional industries. Due to the influx of a large number of immigrants from southern and central Europe, the city has developed into a cosmopolitan community. Its middle class has gained high-level employment and higher property values have made living in New London more affordable than many other cities in the United States.

The second largest city in CT is Greenwich which is in the west central part of the state. Like New London, it has gained a reputation as an educational center due to the colleges located here like Hamilton College. This small town also has developed into a family-friendly neighborhood with a vibrant downtown as well as a wide variety of public transportation services including buses and commuter rail services. Its waterfront neighbor has harbor dredging and has been a popular vacation destination for families for many years. The downtown area is bustling with new development as well including the renovated Sullivan Square and the Reardon Place.

Located directly across the Connecticut River from New London, this rich forum features both riverfront shops boutiques and galleries as well as an abundance of restaurants, hotels, and hotels that cater to travelers looking to enjoy a relaxing getaway or a luxurious retreat. Because of its convenient location, Greenwich is a great place to take a weekend trip if you are just passing through or even a longer stay if you want to explore the downtown area and take in some of the rich historical memories that will rise in front of you as you travel up and down this beautiful avenue. In addition to the numerous shops and boutiques, there is the historic New England fort on your choice of a walking trail that offers insights into the history of this important military post. A visit to this historic site while you are in the area will truly be unforgettable.

Just a short walk from downtown Stamford, you will come to two places that are a must visit. The National Association for Home Builders office is located at Harbor Point, an island just across the harbor from town. If you need to find an expert on some type of construction project, or even if you are just in the need of a contractor to complete some home remodeling, you will find the building supply and contracting shop that is run by the association’s contractors just down the road at the end of sandy bridge. This shingle beach property is also close enough to downtown Stamford to make it easy to access the island when you need to visit. A few blocks away is the Dickman’s Wharf, which features an abundance of shops as well as a marina that is operated by the city of New London.

If you are planning a vacation or even a weekend trip to this area, we strongly suggest that you take advantage of the rich recreational activities that the area has to offer. You will find all of the comforts and quality that you would expect from an upscale resort in Connecticut right on Main Street in the form of five-star restaurants, shopping sprees, fine dining, and magnificent nightlife. With everything that you need to enjoy a luxurious stay, and a convenient location that you can easily access, we highly recommend that you visit the Dickman’s Wharf Park. The Wharf is a great place to spend an entire day, soaking up the sights and sounds of the busy downtown Stamford waterfront. You will be delighted by how much there truly is to see and do in the Dickman’s Wharf Park including but not limited to: