Torrington CT – Home of the Famous Hot Dog Stands

Torrington Connecticut

Torrington CT – Home of the Famous Hot Dog Stands

Torrington Connecticut is a small town located on the border of Connecticut and New York. It is bordered on three sides by the Menands River, and on the west side by the River Lee. Torrington is the second largest town in Litchfield county, Connecticut and the northwest area. It is also the center town of Greater Torrington, among the ten most populous towns in the state.

The town population in 2010 was 36, 383 as indicated by the 2010 census. Torrington elementary school is located on Park Avenue at the south end of the town. Torrington’s other elementary schools are Heritage United Church of Christ, Torrington Middle School, North Torrington High School, and Old Town School. Torrington’s public library is located on Washington Street in the city.

Located on the eastern side of the town of Torrington is Torrington’s historic district roughly equating to the New Haven Line. The district was designated by the New Haven Railroad when it was built as part of what is known as the Litchfield line. The district is comprised of over one hundred buildings, many of which are historic landmarks. The majority of the district is made up of two neighborhoods: Old Town and downtown.

Old Town is where Torrington’s historic society and business district are located. The primary focus of Old Town is the historic Gaslight Building, which serves as the county’s headquarters. Another building that is quite near the Gaslight is the restored Wrigley’s department store building. It is located at the corner of Water Street.

Downtown Torrington is considered to be the core of the downtown area, housing several businesses, a few of which are the Warfield Restaurant and Miller’s Bar & Grill. A short walk from downtown is the College Street Theater, which is home to the acclaimed Warfield Theater chain along with several movie houses. The theater district is home to many other local businesses including coffee shops, restaurants, and live music venues.

Torrington’s central business area features several important blocks. Main Street is the residential part of Torrington while connected to Water Street by a pedestrian crosswalk. Connecting directly to Water Street is the Torrington Village, a largely residential area of cobblestone streets and homes. The downtown area is considered to be the heart of the town of Torrington Connecticut, serving as the central business district for the entire city of CT.

The third largest block in the downtown area is known as Torrington Farms, which connects to Water Street and includes a number of small businesses and restaurants. Water Street is the main thoroughfare in downtown CT, featuring a number of well-known shops and buildings. Water Street is a two-lane road and is one of the most popular residential streets in Connecticut, boasting a median income of more than $75k per year. Torrington Farms is considered to be a small town within a big city, and is known for having many residents that are well educated and hold high-paying jobs.

Torrington CT is located right in the heart of Connecticut, right in litchfield county. Litchfield county is named after the towns of Winslow and Litchfield, which were originally included in the U.S. Constitution as being Maryland counties. Connecting to the Capital Region of Connecticut, the towns of Litchfield, Winslow, Centreville, Woodbury, and Greenwich are just some of the many cities, towns, and towns in the areas of Connecticut that comprise litchfield county. A quick search on the Internet will reveal many places in and around the area to see and do. Whether you’re looking for family things to do, or want to see the latest goings on in a major city, this is the place for you.