Things To Do In Branford, Connecticut

If you live in Connecticut and you enjoy spending time out on the East Coast, you should make plans to visit Branford Connecticut on your next trip. Whether you are going to Branford for business or pleasure, you are going to be in for some wonderful times and some great memories. This historic town on the Long Island Sound is filled with historical significance and charm. Whether you want to travel to the old age homes or you are looking for a place to take the children for a day of shopping, you will find a great deal of things to do in branford, CT.

When it comes to the historical society of the area, Branford is home to a number of interesting sites and activities. The historic center of the city is centered around Smithfield Hall. Smithfield Hall is the oldest building in the city and was designed by architect Daniel Cook. One of the most important historical places in the city is the Branford Historical Society and Museum. Here you will learn about some of the important events in the area as well as learn about some of the civil rights activity that took place in the town.

Along Main Street in branford you will find two major downtown attractions. The first one is the Branford Riverfront Park which is located between the streets of Branford and Wallingford. Here you will find several walking paths through the park. The other main attraction here is the historic mill that used to be located near the downtown area.

There are a number of beautiful beaches in branford. Many people take trips out to this area just to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Two of the best places to visit are Windham Sunshine State Park and the Connecticut Botanical Garden. At Windham Sunshine State Park you will be able to visit the Windham Waterfalls and learn about the environmentally friendly approach that was taken to create the park. You can also walk along the beach and enjoy the beautiful views of the Connecticut River.

You will find a number of cultural activities to do in branford. You can visit the state capitol building and the state judicial complex. This is a very busy place so plan on getting there early to avoid the crowds. You can also see the state bird sanctuaries and the Connecticut Wildflower Center. If you like the arts and music you can go to the Branford Opera House and the Wolfsonian American Museum.

Eating out in branford is something that you should experience. There are many great restaurants near the downtown area that serve up a variety of foods from sandwiches to steaks. When you want to get away from it all you should check out the branford shopping mall. Here you can shop for anything you might need including clothing, food, and jewelry.

Of course, seeing the historical sites in branford is one of the best things to do in branford, Connecticut. The Marble House Museum and the American Indian Park are two great examples of this. You can learn more about the history of the islands by visiting the historic Marble House Museum.

If you love to spend time on the water you will enjoy a day of fishing at the famous sccrwa fishing village. You will be able to catch bass, Marlin, mackerel, and even king mackerel. These are some of the best fish that you can catch in the state of Connecticut. You will also be able to enjoy the beautiful views of the long island sound.