Things to Do and See in Glastonbury Connecticut

Glastonbury, Connecticut is an attractive and quaint town in Connecticut, officially named after the town of Glastonbury in Somerset County, Connecticut, United States. The town is named after Glastonbury, Somerset, England, which is where the town sits on the Connecticut River. Glastonbury sits on the river’s edge about seven miles south of Hartford. Here you will find quaint shops, restaurants and galleries, a National Historic Site, a Roman Road, a Zoo and a lovely pond.

Glastonbury Connecticut

There are a number of fun things to do and see in Glastonbury. If you love the riverfront, you will enjoy seeing the glistening waterfalls, spectacular views of the town and the river, as well as the many water sport activities and restaurants nearby. If you would like to have more of a nature feel, you can enjoy hiking along the trails or taking a horseback ride through the woods.

While there are a lot of exciting things to do in Glastonbury, there are also some great places to go for nightlife and dining. The town has four popular bars namely The Bell, The Belmont, the Oak Room and the Majestic. All of these have smaller fine dining restaurants or they can provide you with the best of fine dining. On top of having four bars, each of them provides you with an outdoor patio for a romantic evening during your Glastonbury weekend getaways.

Just minutes away from Glastonbury, you will find the city of Westhampton Beach. Here, you will be able to spend some time on the beaches and also take a day trip to Connecticut’s capital of Boston to check out the famous “Greenstone” or the National Mall. If you would rather stay in the city, you will be able to check into the Westhampton condominiums or the luxury hotels. In addition to staying at a hotel, you can also choose to rent a vacation rental condo or a home by the beach. These vacation rentals will provide you with a comfortable place to relax during your visit to Glastonbury Connecticut.

While you are traveling through Glastonbury Connecticut, you will likely want to take a few hours to check out a few fun things to do in this town. Among the many tourist attractions and cultural activities, you will find the theater. Even if you do not like watching the movie, you can still take in the many plays and musical shows that are featured in Glastonbury. For those that enjoy history and culture, there are museums such as the Museum of Science and Industry, The National Portrait Gallery, and The Connecticut Historical Society. These are just a few of the many visitor attractions and activities that are found in Glastonbury, and they make for a great trip.

Not only is the town of Glastonbury beautiful, but it also offers a number of unique shops. When you are traveling through Glastonbury, you will likely find that shopping is always a good thing to do. There are a number of unique stores in this small New England town, and you will find some of the best designer brands in the world. Among the most popular items are bags, kitchenware, jewelry, and clothing. If you love shopping, you will love Glastonbury, as there are literally hundreds of different shops to visit.

When you are traveling through Glastonbury Connecticut, you will likely want to take a short trip to plan B, or to plan C. If you are planning a trip to plan B, you will find several very interesting places near the town of Glastonbury. Among the places near plan B are the Blue Hill Inn & Spa, Glastonbury Corner Theater, and the Mountain River Adventure Park. The Mountain River Adventure Park is one of the best places near Glastonbury to enjoy a day of tubing and other cool activities. If you want to shop, then you should stop in the town of Glastonbury to see the Max Amore Foodshop. This wonderful store features a variety of different types of foods and grocery products.

For a much quieter experience, you can also visit one of the many resorts near Glastonbury. Some of the best resorts near Glastonbury are the Westgate Resorts, Winnetu, and the Wildfire Waterpark. If you are looking for an even quieter experience, then you might want to check out Camping World, which is located right next to the Glastonbury Connecticut Summer Site. There are many other wonderful places to stay in Glastonbury, which makes it one of the best places to take a trip to with the family.