The Geography of Killingworth Connecticut

Killingworth Connecticut

The Geography of Killingworth Connecticut

Killingworth is a wonderful town in Middlesex County, Connecticut. The population had been 6,045 as of July 1st, 2021. This city is located on the eastern banks of the Connecticut River in New London, Connecticut. It is named after General George Washington, who came from Virginia to settle there in 1776. At that time it was just a small village and was not developed at that time.

The town of Killingworth Connecticut is part of the greater New London region. The city of New London is also located on the same river as Killingly. There are two bridges that span the Connecticut River from this town to the other one, connecting the two towns. These two towns are very close to each other and connect many areas of New London and Killingworth Connecticut. The city of New London is the largest in Connecticut and the fourth largest in the state.

The average population density for the city of Killingworth is just over two individuals per square mile. The national average density is just over three individuals per square mile. The reason for the lower national average density is that many smaller cities are clustered together in large metropolitan areas and there is not enough population to support a high density population. However, the national average density is still high enough for Killingworth to have less than two people per square mile. It is interesting to note that in 2021, when the city was being planned and developed, the official density target was three people per square mile, which is still a high rate.

The older population that is in the city and surrounding areas has high property values and a comfortable lifestyle. The older people in the area have a high average income as well as good health, and are a growing population. CT is one of the youngest states in the United States in terms of size and growth. Therefore, many people are moving out of the old saybrook area and moving into the larger cities like Connecticut.

While there are a large number of deaths, the deaths that take place in an unnatural way is much higher than the deaths that take place through natural causes. This means that there are more non-citizens than citizens in the state of Connecticut. This is the second largest non-citizen population of any state in the United States of America. This means that Connecticut is not as evenly divided as other states.

The per capita income of a resident of Connecticut is around eleven thousand dollars. This is much lower than the national per capita income of around fifteen thousand dollars. It also means that half of the population of Connecticut is below the national median per capita income. This has caused the Connecticut population to become much more unequal in terms of wealth and poverty.

There is some information about the life expectancy of the Connecticut killingworth population. The average life expectancy for a male in the age group of twenty-five to forty-five years is around seventy-three years. This means that the male population of Connecticut is generally healthy with a very low infant mortality rate. The infant mortality rate is much higher in the state of Connecticut than it is elsewhere in the country. However, this may be because of the low birth rate within the state.

The per capita income of the entire population of Connecticut is about two hundred and sixty thousand dollars. This is lower than the national per capita income of about three hundred thousand dollars. This is caused by a high percentage of the population being classified as poor. However, this figure is better than the poor percentage in the US as a whole. The poor population of the US is around thirty percent of the total population while the Connecticut population is about forty percent poor.