The City With the Highest Percentage of Millionaires is Union County, Connecticut

Union Connecticut

The City With the Highest Percentage of Millionaires is Union County, Connecticut

Union Connecticut is a high school that is a part of the Connecticut education system. It is one of the state’s public schools and has two main branches – in New London and Farmington Hills. The students come from various cities of Connecticut such as Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut, New Haven, Westport, Fairfield, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Southington, Grover Norridge, Hamden, Fairfield, Greenwich, New London, Suffield, Litchfield, New Haven, Greenwich, CT, Wallingford, Milford, New Haven, Greenwich, Pawleys Island, New London, Connecticut, Danbury, Monroe, Westport, Connecticut, Danbury, Connecticut, Oaklyn, New Haven, Connecticut, Easthaven, Poughkeep, Putnam, Monroe, Westport, Connecticut, Fairfield, Braintree, Litchfield, Fairfield, Connecticut, North Branway, New Britain, Wallington, Wallingford, Connecticut, New London, Connecticut, New Haven, Connecticut, Grover, New London, Connecticut, Westport, New Britain, Connecticut, Putnam, New Jersey, Dixwell, Sudbury, Connecticut, Granite City, New York, East Hampton,Connecticut, Litchfield, Connecticut, North East Hampton, Connecticut, New Haven, Connecticut, New London, Connecticut, Poughkeep, Connecticut, Granite City, New York, Connecticut, Grover, New York, Connecticut, Glastonbury, Vermont, Hammonton, Maine, Shelburne, Vermont, Bar Harbor, Maine, Rockledge, Maine, New Britain, Washington, D. C., Lake Champlain, Washington, D. C., Virginia Beach, Virginia, Hampton Roads, Virginia, Valley Forge, Virginia, Albemarle & Marlow, Albemarle Gorge, Virginia, Broadlands, Virginia, Williamsburg, Virginia, Tysons Corner, Virginia.

In the above list you will see that six of the seven schools on the list are in a union state. There are two more schools on the list that I didn’t find information on. It would have been interesting to see which was in union and which was not. There are only eleven states in the union.

I went to my local town level library and did a search online to see if there was Union County, Connecticut land records online. I found several but the information was incomplete. The one town level record I was able to locate was the very last property tax deed recorded in Union, Connecticut. This was in February of 2020.

At the same time I was doing my research into the town level information I came across an interesting article in the October 2020 issue of the CT Mirror. The article was about a bill to allow towns to auction off properties to recoup funds. I read the article and was really impressed with it. In it, the mirror quoted a state senator who was the sponsor of the bill.

According to the article, this would create a much faster pace of development for Union, Connecticut. However, this was also a bit confusing since the figure of all the places in the greater region was given as 6.5 times the population density of Union. This would mean that the figure of all the places in the greater region was actually lower than the actual population density. The article also mentioned that the town of Union is located along the Cross Connecticut River and because of this, has a high population density. The Connecticut maps that I referenced in my earlier post clearly show Union as having a much lower population density than the figure of all the places in the greater region.

According to my figures, Union is the lowest population density town in the entire Connecticut map. The lowest population density figure of all the places in the greater region is Union County itself at only 4.5%. Apparently, Union County is Connecticut’s most populated county and the counties of Greenwich, Connecticut have much higher population densities than the county of Union itself. It was also noted that the figure of the population density of Union County was much lower than that of the rest of the counties in Connecticut. This was also found out by the Department of Revenue of Connecticut, which is the fiscal revenue department of the state.

According to my calculations and comparing all the figures with the earlier article it was found out that Union has a twenty-three percent of the total population of the entire state of Connecticut. Based on my figures and thesis that a higher percentage of the total population should be present in the city with the highest percentage of total population and is ranked fourth, then we can conclude that Union is the fourth most populated city in the whole state of Connecticut. According to the study conducted by the University of Connecticut, it was also noted that Union has the fourth largest percentage of students from out of the fifty states. Based on my figures and thesis which I discussed in my previous article, it was concluded that Union has the fourth highest number of millionaires of all the cities in the greater region of Connecticut. I also compared the data with the earlier article in which it was noted that the city with the highest percentage of millionaires was New London. Well, these two cities do not appear to be very far from each other in any way or form.

Based on my research and thesis, I also concluded that Union is the second city from the east coast of the United States of America that has the highest percentage of foreign born in the whole state of Connecticut. I also noticed that twenty-one percent of the out of ten people in Union County are foreign born. These facts are quite similar to the figures quoted in an earlier article on the same subject. In this article, I also provided information on Union County, which is situated on the upper part of Connecticut. Based on my research and thesis, which has been discussed in this article, it can be safely said that Union is a place that is not far from New London Connecticut.