The Best Things to Do in, Around, and In Bristol Connecticut

Bristol Connecticut

The Best Things to Do in, Around, and In Bristol Connecticut

Bristol, Connecticut is a unique urban area located in the Connecticut River Valley, directly west of Hartford. The town was established around 1834. It is bordered on two sides by the Bristol Channel and on the south and west by the Connecticut River. The central part of Bristol is considered to be the original urban center of Bristol, Connecticut.

DescriptionBristol Connecticut is a well populated central town located between New London and New Haven. It is a small college town that is surrounded by many scenic views. You can see the beautiful Rockwell Park and historic downtown Bristol. There are many places near the downtown area that you can visit for recreational purposes such as the shore, parks, beaches, lakes, rivers and the famous Rockwell Park. The famous “Rockwell” logo is all over the place in Bristol.

Most of the tourists come to Bristol for the Rockwell Park and its many amusement parks. People also love to go on roller coasters and to go on a cable car ride. These are the top places to see several fun activities while in Bristol. In addition, there are many other things to do in Bristol to make your weekend getaways great and enjoyable.

Attractions Bristol has many fun things to do and see while in Connecticut. Two of the top places to visit while in Bristol are the Bristol Public Library and the New Haven Public Library. The Bristol Public Library is located on the waterfront across from the Rockwell Park. Here you will find the award winning New Haven Historical Museum as well as a large collection of art and other artifacts from the history of Bristol, Connecticut. Other fun things to do in Bristol are the New Haven Public Library, which is in New Haven, Connecticut at the corner of Walnut Street.

Bars and Restaurants Bristol has several bars and restaurants near its beaches. You can enjoy fine quality food from the comfort of your hotel or the beach. Some of Bristol Connecticut’s top bars and restaurants include: The Dovehouse, The Bald Eagle, Rock and Roll Bristol, The Rose Bar and The Rocket Bar and The Rum Room. These are just some of the bars and restaurants near the beaches of Bristol Connecticut that you can visit while in Connecticut.

Steamships Bristol is known for its steamships as well as roasts andourmet cuisine. If you want to experience Bristol’s delicious food and shopping, you can travel to its beaches near Bristol Connecticut. There are lots of awesome beaches near Bristol. Some of them include: The Beach, Blackbird Island, Bayville Beach, Cabin Point, Cat Island, Old Saybrook, Southwick Beach, Surfside Beach, Oak Bluffs, Sunset Beach and Westport Beach. All these are just some of the excellent beaches near Bristol that you can visit on your weekend getaways to Bristol.

Romantic Getaways One of the best and most romantic getaways in America is the state of Connecticut. Here you can discover a country filled with forests, lakes, rivers, history, culture, shops, theatres, museums, and restaurants. And if you want to have a spectacular view of Bristol’s amazing skyline and downtown, then you can have a cruise in the historic riverboat. You can also explore the Bristol public schools, discover the colonial historic sites, visit the Bristol Connecticut Zoo, take a walk down the Connecticut River, ride a bike down the Connecticut Trail, take a ride through the popular Hamptons, or take a romantic walks in Bristol’s Little Italy. All of these activities and more will surely make your romantic getaways to America a truly unforgettable experience.

Perfect Getaways For Family Fun Bristol Connecticut is just a few clicks away from family fun. You can have the family reunion, spend quality time with the children, go boating, fish, or simply enjoy the beaches and rivers. But if you want to give Bristol a unique and out of the ordinary vacation, then you can try a few of Bristol’s adult and teen specialty hotels. At these Bristol resorts near the beaches, you can have a grand time with all your friends and family. You can dine at one of Bristol Connecticut resorts, rock climbing at the Mountain River Park, or simply have fun shopping at the adult specialty shops.