The Benefits Of Owning A Home In Colebrook CT

Colebrook Connecticut

The Benefits Of Owning A Home In Colebrook CT

Colebrook Connecticut is a town located in Litchfield County, Connecticut. The town of Colebrook was incorporated in 1931. The population in Colebrook has been consistently around 1,481 throughout the years.

The town of Colebrook lies along the Hudson River and connects to the New York City suburbs via the Connecticut River. The population in Colebrook has been consistently around this number during the last decade. There are a few small townships that border the Connecticut River and are included in the town of Colebrook. The population in the surrounding areas has been steadily increasing, and the towns of New London, Connecticut and New Milford, Connecticut have been built up over the years.

The per capita income in Colebrook is approximately eighteen thousand dollars. The per capita income of the state of Connecticut is approximately eighteen thousand dollars. This town has a larger than average school district with one high school, two middle schools, four elementary schools, and one vocational school. This town is located about thirty miles from New London, Connecticut, which is approximately forty miles from New York City, New York. The average commute time in Colebrook to New London is less than twenty minutes.

There are many notable locations in Colebrook. There is an excellent recreation center in Colebrook, which was built in 1930. The recreational center includes a basketball court, picnic area, swimming pool, tennis court, a gym, and a restaurant. There are also a fire station, fire hydrant, an auto body repair shop, a pizza oven, a deli, and an ice cream shop. There are three hospitals in the town of Colebrook, and the Yale-Raynell Medical Center is located in Colebrook Town.

The average home in Colebrook costs about one hundred fifty thousand dollars. This price includes a home that are fully built, an attached home, a detached home, a mobile home, and a manufactured home. A home in Colebrook may also include acreage, townhouses, duplexes, condos, and preconstruction homes. A house that is located in Colebrook Connecticut will usually cost about one hundred thousand dollars, and an average condominium about eleven hundred dollars. These prices include some costs associated with foundation, landscaping, taxes, and additional utility companies.

The typical owner will need about one thousand dollars to obtain a single family dwelling in Colebrook. Colebrook has some popular single family dwellings, and the prices in these areas will range from one hundred seventy-five dollars, to one thousand dollars, to over one thousand dollars for a larger home. There are also some houses in Colebrook that are condominiums, and the average cost of these will range between one hundred and eleven hundred dollars. Condos that are located in Colebrook will generally have features such as ground floor living, and upper level living. Some Colebrook CT homes will feature a pool, a deck, and a spa.

The average population in Colebrook is about two hundred and thirty-two people. Colebrook is Connecticut’s largest city and is considered a center of commerce in the state. The city of Colebrook Connecticut was created out of the merger of two towns, New London and Easthaven, in prior years. The two towns are just south of New London, Connecticut.

Today, Hartford is a small town that is located on the eastern border of the state of Connecticut. A large portion of the population of the town of Hartford consists of residents who work in the broadcast industry. It is expected that as the owner of a home in the town of Colebrook, you will be surrounded by some of the finest schools, colleges, hospitals, and other cultural experiences that are available in the state of Connecticut.