Sprague Connecticut Homeowners’ Market – Why Is it So Good?

Sprague is a historic city in Connecticut, United States. The city was first named after William Sprague III, the third governor of the state. The population was 2,987 in the 2021 census. Sprague has three small villages: Hanover, Baltic, and Versailles

Sprague Connecticut

The average age in Sprague Connecticut is 50.6 years, which is slightly higher than the national average of 48.5 years. This is according to the data obtained by the Connecticut Demographer’s Office. The city is ranked sixth among all the other places in the local area for population concentration. Of all the other places in the local area, the second largest town that is located here is Sprague Village. The other towns of note in this town are: Farmington and Wallingford.

As per the latest U.S. Census, the city of Sprague Connecticut is home to less than fifteen thousand people. The figure of fifteen thousand may seem insignificant when compared with the twenty-two thousand population which is the overall figure of all the other places in the state of Connecticut. However, thirty-two thousand people constitute a larger percentage of the total than any of the other towns which are present in this city. The twenty-two thousand people represent eighty percent of the total and is ranked as the fifth largest town of all the other places in the state of Connecticut. This may come as a surprise to many residents of this town, as they think that Connecticut is not a highly populated place.

The population data which is provided by the Census provides another figure of fifteen hundred and seventy-one individuals or one sixth of the entire population of the state of Connecticut. The other three largest cities in the state of Connecticut, which are listed along with the city of Sprague are: New Haven, Farmington, and New Milford. This data also provides an estimate of fourteen hundred and seventy-one individuals or a seventh of the total population of the state. The figures, which are provided by the Census for these three townships are more or less in the middle of the range of other places in the metropolis area. This also means that they are slightly higher than the other towns listed in this city.

There is an interesting little slice of information contained in this piece of data which is also ranked at the top twenty in the entire state of Connecticut. The city of Sprague Connecticut is ranked as the fifth safest city in the entire state of Connecticut. This figure has been derived after taking into account the fact that Sprague has one of the lowest incidents of any sort of theft anywhere in Connecticut. Also take into consideration that this city does not actually rank at the very top of any list concerning any other aspect relating to safety.

Another interesting data point contained in the same report as being the figure previously discussed involving the percentage of the total population of Sprague who is male. This information is broken down into two categories, those who are male and female. As it turns out, twenty-three percent of the entire town population is female and another twenty-nine percent is male. This is compared to the twenty-one percent of the entire state, which is male.

Based on figures as well as opinions which the local residents have provided, it would appear as though many in the town of Sprague Connecticut are somewhat liberal minded. This could mean that they lean a little bit to the left of the Democratic Party. This could explain why Tom Corbin, the former state representative for Sprague Connecticut lost by just ten points to John C. Doyle in the recently held Republican Primary for the U.S. House of Representatives seat which he is seeking to represent. Interestingly enough, the same thing happened to former Gov. James M. Kelliher in the last election for governor of the state of Connecticut. Although he garnered sixty-three percent of the vote, he still lost to Doyle by ten points.

Sprague Connecticut is also home to three villages which it is commonly known as, the Village of Haze, the Village of Warren and the Town of New London. All of these villages are located on the southwest part of the state and are bordered on one side by the Fox River, while on the opposite sides are the Connecticut River and Green Lake. The towns of New London, Warren and Haze have all seen populations increase in recent years and it appears as though the real estate market in Sprague is beginning to reflect this trend. In fact, according to the same report which we looked at about the median income of people in various parts of Connecticut, it was found that the same thing is happening in Sprague Connecticut and that median income has increased by four percent over the last five years.