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Haddam is a small town in Middlesex County, Connecticut. The population was just 8,344 in the 2010 census. The town is home to the now decommissioned Connecticut Yankee nuclear reactors. The town of Haddam is located on the southern part of the Connecticut River. It is bordered by Rhode Island and New York. The area of Haddam is one of the most densely forested areas in the state.

Haddam Connecticut

East Haddam Connecticut is bordered on three sides by the Connecticut River and to the south by the Sciatica River. The towns of East Haddam, West Haddam and North Haddam Connecticut are all on the south side of the river. The area east of the towns of Haddam is mainly woods. The major river that flows through the towns of east Haddam and into New London is the Connecticut River.

The area of East Haddam Connecticut is an ideal place to enjoy a romantic weekend getaway with your loved one. If you are looking for the perfect getaway weekend, there are plenty of places to do in east Haddam, Connecticut. Some of the popular places to visit are: The Cabin Hotel, The Guild House and The Haven House. These three hotels are all located within walking distance of each other. All of these hotels offer excellent deals and packages for any type of trip or weekend getaway.

While in Haddam, one would be interested in seeing the beautiful River Run Bridge, which connects the towns of Saddam and middlesex. This beautiful bridge spans the Connecticut River on its way towards New Haven. If you are interested in a weekend vacation, this is the perfect location to visit. Another popular attraction in Haddam, CT would be the haunted house. People who live in the town of Haddam, CT may try to visit the mysterious Manor house on Hadham Neck Road. People who are interested in ghostly adventures can go on tours of this historic property.

In addition to enjoying the attractions, there are also many other things to do in Haddam, Connecticut. While dining in Haddam, one may try out some of the mouthwatering recipes of the area. For instance, people living in east haddam can try out the following dishes: clam chowder, ginger carrots, pea soup, fettuccini Alfredo, macaroni and cheese, cabbage soups, kale stew, meatballs, stuffed tomatoes, and the classic egg nog. These dishes are truly scrumptious and are sure to satisfy any gastric thrill.

People who love to shop will definitely enjoy spending time in Haddam, Connecticut. This town is located in the state of Connecticut and is located on the Connecticut River. There are many fabulous shops located in and around Haddam including clothing boutiques, bookstores, gift stores, and jewelry stores. In addition to all the shopping, people will also be glad to experience the restaurants located in Haddam including the famous Haddam Square. At the Haddam Square, visitors will be able to enjoy the live entertainment of jugglers, performers, street musicians, circus act, fire men and women, and more.

When it comes to eating out in Haddam, people will enjoy sampling some of the restaurants located in the towns of east haddam. Some of the delicious restaurants include the following: Tommy’s Hamburgers, osures Kitchen & Deli, Bobby Flay’s Restaurant, The Cinnamon Bun, and many more. No matter what your taste buds are like, you can expect to have an exciting time enjoying the various restaurants located in the towns of Haddam, Connecticut.

If you would like to travel along the East Coast Road and take in some of the beautiful and romantic attractions along the way, a Connecticut tour bus or a car rental service can be a great choice for your weekend getaways. This way you can reach many of the popular and beautiful tourist attractions including the Haddam Connecticut State Park, Connecticut River Valley Zoo and Wild Water Wilderness, along with some of the other wonderful places to visit including Farmington and Mestone National Park. Along the way you can stop in at some of the local restaurants and pubs or even stop in at one of the overlooks in the area and enjoy the scenic views of the serenity that surrounds you.