Small Basement Ideas – How to Turn Your Home Into a Game Room

Are you looking for some small basement ideas to turn your small apartment, or house, into a home office? Well, think no further. Many people spend all their time in their basements, and that is where they will do most of their work. In fact, most of the world works out of their basements. That is why you need some pretty good ideas so that your small living area can be a haven full of productivity.

small basement ideas

The family room is one of the best small basement ideas around. This area serves as a place for spending time with your family and having fun times with good food and a television. This area also gives the illusion that you have a larger home when it is actually very tiny. The family room has a great deal to do with spending time and creating an environment that will make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

One of the great small basement ideas is to create a family room out of your basement. This can include putting up shelves on the walls for books or media, hanging lamps from the walls, and placing small tables and chairs in front of the walls so that it makes it appear like there is more space in the basement. If you want to make the basement appear larger, then you can choose to paint the walls in a lighter color, such as a light color.

Another of the great small basement ideas is to use a spring mattress on the floor in your crawl space. This will allow you to use the crawl space as a bedroom, even though it is basically just a hole in the ground. This will allow you to create the appearance that there is a bed inside the house, without having to buy a real bed. By putting up a fake spring bed in your crawl space, you can actually make the room seem bigger than it really is.

Wall lighting is also an important part of many small basement ideas. By putting up light panels on the wall with the lights underneath them, you can have beautiful soft lighting, but without putting up large light bulbs. Instead of having the huge box lights that you would find in most houses, you can put up small spot lights at the bottom of the wall. The small and barely noticeable lights will provide you with just enough light for what you need.

The finishing touch to some of these small basement ideas is to add finishing touches to the room. For example, if you are doing a finished basement remodel, then you may want to consider putting in a ceiling fan, even if you have a small budget. This will not only give you comfort during the summer, but the cool air will flow through the fan and help to reduce humidity. Putting in a ceiling fan is a small investment that can save you money during the summer months and more money during the winter months.

Another one of the great small basement ideas is adding a fun little piece of furniture in the room. If you are doing a game room, then you might want to consider adding a billiard table. A billiard table is going to take up just a couple of feet of space, so you can fit a decent sized game board in there and still leave plenty of room for playing games. The reason that a billiard table is so perfect for this type of room is because it adds a little bit of competition into the game. You can sit around a game table all day, enjoying your competition with other players, and some of them may even give you some high-fives!

One last thing that you can do to create some small basement ideas is to use up some of the items in your garage and put them to good use. You can put up shelves to store things like DVD’s or books, place couches or chairs in the area so that you can sit around and enjoy the weather while watching your favorite movie, put in some hooks so that you can hang up your coats and sweaters, or add downlights to create a cozy little nook. These ideas are only a few of the ideas out there for using up some of the items that you don’t use on a regular basis, so get creative and figure out just what you need to do to create a beautiful nook or corner that will be a place where you can spend a lot of time.