Small Basement Ideas For Your Basement

A sense of extravagance can come from small basement ideas that are not too expensive. By putting your TV in an armoire, you can have the whole house feel as if you are on vacation!

Your little rooms can be designed to look bigger and more beautiful with big mirrors and the right flooring. The living room can have an elegant and chic look with an antique-looking carpet. If you use a dark and spacious room for the dining room, it will lend a sophisticated feeling.

You can use corner furniture or a small table to set up a coffee table. You can place your TV at the end of your bed and have a big glass coffee table as a side table.

An Air of Elegance – Small Basement Ideas To get your TV in an armoire, just make sure you measure correctly. You need to make sure the wall is big enough to hold all the pieces of furniture. For this purpose, there are some special shelves to store your TV. You can also mount your TV on the wall, so the TV can be seen from outside.

Install glass cabinets, to store your DVDs. Get a mirror to dress your TV with. Install a DVD player inside the armoire, and put your old VCR on top. It’s a great way to add to the sophistication.

Add Elegance with Flooring – Small Basement Ideas If you want to give your basement a classy look, you can use marble floors. However, you need to check whether the flooring is made from marble or not. Marble has a high sheen, and it does not show any dirt easily.

You can also choose wooden floors. Wooden floors are very appealing and look very clean. With wood, you can also choose to have carpeting instead of hardwood.

Use your imagination and creativity when it comes to decorating your basement, especially if you choose wooden flooring. Make sure that the area looks beautiful. This will add more value to your house and you can enjoy your home when you stay there.

Add More Space to Small Basements With Wall Tiles – Small Basement Ideas You can install two-toned wall tiles that provide a good contrast with the walls. These two tones are very easy to match with the existing decorations, and they can be painted in any color.

If you have a lot of storage space inside the basement, then you can also use wall tiles to make it look bigger. Use them to put baskets, bookcases, shelves, and mirrors. These wall tiles are very practical for the basement.

Floor Tile – Adding Floor Tile to the Basement – Small Basement Ideas Floor tile is a great option, especially if you are looking for an economical solution. Since the basement has many floor tiles, a small floor tile can look like a huge one when added to the floor.

For a large basement, use floor tiles in smaller squares, which are easy to clean. You can also place decorative designs on the floor tiles, such as rugs, pillows, and artwork, to enhance its appearance.

Add Light and Color to Your Basement – Small Basement Ideas With Floor Tile – Use Floors to Light Up the Basement – Small Basement Ideas There is no problem with having dark walls in a small basement. Use wall tiles to light up the basement. Use different colors of floor tiles and have the floor beveled edges and slats to create the illusion of space.

Use Floor Tiles in Colors That You Like – Small Basement Ideas – Use Floor Tiles in Colors That You Like – A lot of homeowners would like to have a rustic look in their basement. Using colors that coordinate with their walls and with the color scheme of the house, as well as the other furniture, makes it look more homier. For example, if you have wood flooring, then you can paint it in black, brown, or red colors.

For an indoor environment, you can use light floor tile in brown or white tones. Use wall tiles that have a neutral color or pattern. Use wall tiles in neutral colors and use wallpaper that matches with it, if you want to.

Wall Tiles – Small Basement Ideas – Use Wall Tiles to Add to a Simple Basement – Small Basement Ideas – Using Floor Tile to Add to a Simple Basement – Floor tiles are a great choice for a small basement because they add a unique look. In fact, they can even serve as a functional part of the basement, since you can install a small fireplace or a water heater in it. These tiled flooring is ideal for bathrooms, laundry rooms and laundry areas, making the floor look more spacious. You can also use wall tiles on walls for doors and windows.