Shelton, Connecticut – An Attractive Community

Shelton Connecticut

Shelton, Connecticut – An Attractive Community

Shelton Connecticut is the third largest city in Connecticut. The residents here are mostly college educated. This is because of the Shelton Memorial College, which is the state’s flagship college. The community itself has a very high standard of living and is filled with many cultural institutions as well as excellent education.

Shelton is also home to the American Hockey League’s Shelton Rangers, an amateur hockey team. Shelton also has its own major league baseball team that plays at the stadium. This team is called the Shelton Rangers and is part of the Connecticut Professional Leagues. There is also a minor league hockey team in Shelton. This team is called the Shelton Lions and is the smallest of the three. There is also a minor league football team in Shelton, but it is the oldest of the three teams.

The residents in Shelton have a number of different types of schools. The largest school in this area is Shelton Senior High School. The junior high school in Shelton also ranks among the top in the area and has about two hundred students who attend classes on any given day.

Many of the colleges in Shelton also have an active campus in the city. The Shelton Community College has a campus right down the street from the junior high school. Other colleges in the area include the State University of New York at Stony Brook and Norwich Technical and Community College.

Shelton also has a number of churches in the area as well. One of the most well-known is the Shelton Congregational Church. This church was founded by John Shelton and was built in the nineteenth century. This church is now considered to be the oldest church in the state.

The Shelton Memorial College is one of the premier colleges in this area and ranks in the upper echelon of colleges in Connecticut. This college is a member of the prestigious Connecticut State University System. This school offers two four-year bachelor degree programs. Students can earn a Master of Science in Nursing, Master of Science in Health Care Administration and an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing.

In Shelton, students will find a number of recreational activities. This is one of the many cities in Connecticut that has a great history of athletic teams. The Shelton Highlanders baseball team is the highest scoring team in the state. The Shelton Patriots football team also plays home games in the town.

Shelton has a lot of other educational facilities and colleges as well as recreational centers. These schools are all accredited and many of them can be found online. Students in Shelton are very proud of their community and its schools and colleges.

Shelton has a number of businesses that are located in the town as well. Many of these businesses employ people and serve a variety of needs for residents and visitors alike. There are some of these businesses that have their own buildings and others have offices in the city. These companies also provide jobs for those people who live and work in the surrounding areas.

Shelton has many local hotels as well. All of the hotels in the city are fully accredited and offer excellent service to both residents and visitors. Some of the hotels are family owned, while others are owned by the hospitality industry.

Shelton is also home to some of the most active community and educational activities in Connecticut. It is home to the Shelton Memorial Hospital. and its sister hospital is named after Dr. Shelton.

Shelton is also home to the prestigious University of Connecticut at Farmington. This is a highly respected school. The undergraduate student to faculty ratio is a little over five to one. Students in the School of Nursing are the largest percentage of the students at this school.