Shelton Connecticut – A Great Place to Spend Christmas

Shelton Connecticut is one of the many towns that dot the Connecticut River and the hamlets of Connecticut. In terms of urban development, Shelton ranks ninth among all cities of Connecticut with a population of over thirty-two thousand. Sixty-three percent of the city’s population is Christian. In fact, it is one of only two municipalities in Connecticut to be classified as a Christian town. Its status as a Christian town has earned it a higher than average per capita income, and it is also home to well over one hundred businesses.

Shelton Connecticut

If you are looking for senior living facilities in Connecticut, look no further than Shelton. You will find everything you need in order to lead a comfortable, healthy lifestyle right in your backyard. Shelton offers both in-home senior care services and full-service care for the elderly in their home. In-home senior care services offer a range of services to help you keep your loved one close to you even as you age. If you are looking for great independent living, then take a long look at Shelton.

While you are in Shelton, what you might not know is that there are several different kinds of trips you can take from your home. Shelton is close to three state parks, so you can take hiking trails, biking trails, carriage rides, or just spend some time at one of the many state parks in Shelton. If you are looking for more adventure, then consider taking a trip to one of the many Shelton wilderness areas. You will be able to enjoy both solitude and adventure as you hike, backpack, or snowshoe through the forest.

If you are interested in history and culture, then you will love spending time at the Indian Well State Park. Here, you will get to experience some of the finest Indian cultural arts. You can visit the historic Indian village of Shelton and learn about the early settlers and the way they lived. The Indian well state park also offers you the chance to view beautiful falls and to wander around beautiful fields.

If you want to be closer to home but you want to still be able to pursue your outdoor passions, then take a trip to Old Saybro. Old Saybro is home to a wide array of hiking trails where you can spend some time exploring the nature and beauty of this quaint town. When you are looking for more adventure, you can visit the Shelton Indian Cultural Center. Here, you will find a number of exhibits focusing on Indian culture, arts, history, and traditions.

Shelton is close to a great number of towns and cities, so if you are in need of some shopping ideas, you will be able to easily walk or drive to several locations. On your way, you can stop at the Shelton Mall, where you can find beautiful clothing, toys, books, and other gift items. In addition to shopping, the Shelton Theater has been known to stage a number of live shows. The 10 best things to do in Shelton, Connecticut during the Christmas season include:

While you are in Shelton, you should not forget to enjoy all the beautiful sites that the town has to offer. If you plan to spend your Christmas in Shelton, then you should make sure that you make plans to see these sites. One of the most popular sites is the Shelton Lace Plant. This unique attraction allows people to learn about plant life and to see firsthand how the lace can grow.

As you can see, there are many things to do in Shelton, Connecticut during the Christmas season. Many families go there in order to get away from it all and enjoy this beautiful town. If you happen to visit during one of these Christmases when you are in Connecticut, you will surely have a great time! If you happen to live in the state of Connecticut and are looking for things to do, then you should certainly consider routes 8 and 9 to Shelton.