Real Estate Value in Woodbury Connecticut

Woodbury is a remarkable community in Litchfield County, Connecticut. The average population was nearly 9,875 at the 2021 census, compared to 9,020 in the 2021 census. The city center, including the adjacent communities of North Woodbury, is officially designated by the U.S. Census Bureau as both the Woodbury Center and Woodbury Town area. The official name of the town is “North Woodbury.” The entire area, including its downtown area, was designated a single town by the U.S. Census.

Woodbury Connecticut

Woodbury is located on the eastern slope of the Connecticut River, approximately thirty-five minutes north of New London, Connecticut. The towns of Woodbury (pop. 4), North Woodbury (pop. ), East Woodbury (pop. ), and Pomperaug (pop.) are part of the greater Sudbury area.

Woodbury features a large number of townships. These communities vary in size, population, and development status. Two of the largest communities are Woodbury Depot, with over two hundred shops, and Woodbury College, with over one hundred and twenty buildings. Other significant communities in the area include East North Woodbury and North Pomperaug. There are also several satellite communities in the area, including Bayville, Woodbury Lumber Company, and Wethersfield.

Many of the towns share a common recreational center, called the Woodbury City Park. It is located on the northwest corner of the communities. It contains picnic areas, a water tower, playgrounds, and several covered pavilions. The majority of the park is maintained by a private company, called Woodbury Lakeside. Other recreational centers include the South Woodbury Community Center, the Old Village Church, and the Woodbury City Hall.

The average per capita income in Woodbury Connecticut is over eight thousand dollars. The per capita income in the entire town is around two thousand dollars. A Woodbury CT home owner will have access to the many amenities that the town has to offer. These include public schools, churches, post offices, shopping malls, movie theaters, and a major ice cream market. There are also numerous recreation opportunities outside the town limits as well.

Many people move to this part of Connecticut for good reason. Woodbury Connecticut offers many excellent job opportunities, especially in the fields of teaching, medical, technology, and sales/marketing. The average home price in the towns is between two and three thousand dollars. Woodbury homes in particular are highly desirable, being well landscaped and fully furnished. Some of the most expensive homes in town are located on well-manicured golf courses.

When considering moving to Woodbury, Connecticut there are some important considerations to keep in mind. One of these is to choose a location that is convenient to both work and shop. Also, the town of Woodbury is considered to have a mild climate, with the winters are short and mild, and the summers being hot and pleasant.

The town of Woodbury has one of the largest population centers within Connecticut. It is a relatively safe community, with a low crime rate. The people of the town enjoy good recreation, and shop in an assortment of local markets. Woodbury Connecticut is one of the top communities in the state to live in, and is a great place to raise a family.

The average home price in Woodbury is between seven hundred thousand dollars and nine hundred thousand dollars. The two fastest growing cities in the area are Stratford-Upon-Avon and West Springfield. Both of these towns contain many luxurious homes, and affordable apartments. In addition to homes, there are retail stores, office buildings, and a variety of other buildings available to rent or purchase.

The town of Woodbury is also known for its festivals. They range from the town folk festival to the Woodbury Jazz and Blues Festival. Other annual events include the Woodbury Art Association Annual Meeting, the Woodbury Halloween Festival, the Woodbury Greek Fair, and the Woodbury Beer Festival. In addition, there are several annual cultural events such as the Woodbury Food and Wine Festival, and the Woodbury Christmas parade. The city also hosts a number of theater shows and musical theaters, along with a variety of other special events.

The city of Woodbury has about three hundred thousand people that live in its fifteen square miles of residential space. There are two major employers in town: IBM and Citicorp. The state of Connecticut is the home to over thirteen hundred businesses, including a number of large corporations. Woodbury is one of the few towns in the state that is actually considered small, by state standards. Because of this, the real estate prices in the town have consistently been on the rise, but they remain among the best in the Connecticut towns.

No matter where you choose to live in Woodbury, you will enjoy great real estate value, plenty of shopping, and a warm, friendly feeling. Because of the warm and friendly neighborhoods, you will find that there are not many high rises in the city. Most of the buildings in Woodbury are single family dwellings. Real estate values in the area have been increasing for many years, making it one of the best Connecticut towns to live in.