Real Estate Opportunities in Ridgefield CT

Located in Fairfield County in Connecticut, Ridgefield is a small city on the eastern slope of the Berkshire Mountains. Situated within the Green Mountains, the community has a population of less than two hundred at the most. The town’s boundaries are defined by the U.S. Census Bureau, as a designated post office and town center. The cosmopolitan nature of Ridgefield and its close proximity to New York City make it a desirable place to live for families.

The yearbook of Ridgefield shows that the town has a steady growth in taxable sales over the last five-years. At one time, there were only three hotels in town; however, today the total number of lodging facilities has risen to fourteen. There are also multiplexes, movie theaters, a Kinko’s and a McDonald’s restaurant in Ridgefield. The town’s popular Shoppes store is also located in this small town. Additionally, the town center is an excellent place to locate a bed and breakfast.

The Ridgefield road system, also known as Ridge Road, starts out as the George Street-heading toll road. It then becomes an avenue for commuters to commute between Norwalk and New Haven. The road network becomes part of the state highway system when the express lanes are built. In addition to being a major thoroughfare, the main street, Ridgefield street, acts as a multi-purpose mall. The mall features a premium mall-style of shopping, restaurants, movie theaters and other businesses. The citation needed for this town must list all of these businesses.

In addition to its main street, the town of Danbury also offers its own versions of freeways. State Route 6 arrives in Danbury and then makes a left turn onto Ridgefield road. A similar left turn onto Main Street from Danbury is another option available for those seeking a place to live.

Besides the major thoroughfares of streets mentioned above, Ridgefield offers some smaller residential townships. Towns such as Farmington, which is approximately three miles from the center of town and connected with New York City by the New Haven commuter rail. The town of Farmingville, connecting with the City of Farmington, is approximately three miles from the heart of town.

Other townships include the towns of Brannock, Colchester, East Hampton, Foxfield, Hamden, Hampton roads, New London, New Oxford, North Arlington, Plainfield, Stratford-on-Avon, and Wallingford. All of these towns are approximately fifteen miles from the center of Danbury. Of all the cities that make up the Connecticut boarder states, only two-thirds of the total population lives in these towns. The towns of Danbury, Fairfield, and Wallingford together make up the largest area. Most of these towns are small, rural, and get their name from a type of plant or tree. These names give the towns their names.

The question of how you can help improve the town of Ridgefield Connecticut should be addressed to the citizens of this community. There are many organizations that would like to increase awareness of this town and make it better. If you would like to get involved with these organizations, please contact them. You will find that most of these organizations work on a volunteer basis. There are also various non-profit groups that would like to raise money for the betterment of the state of Connecticut through donations and sponsorship.

In summary, Ridgefield Connecticut has a very nice demographic mix. This includes both very high per capita income individuals (ranging from six figures in families to more than six hundred dollars in single adults) and very low poverty ones. The only thing that this town does not have is a very high poverty rate. Overall, we rank second for having the second best per capita income in our entire state.