Real Estate Agents – Tips For Finding the Right Home

Stamford Connecticut is located about thirty miles north of New Haven and is considered to be the cultural, entertainment, and dining capital of the state. Since its inception as a city, Stamford has changed over time. Today it is a thriving metropolis with many things to do for everyone. There are several historical sites, art galleries, and museums in and around the city. There is also a great outdoor location with numerous sporting fields and recreational activities. You can find swimming pools, country clubs, fine restaurants, and a multitude of other things to do in and around the town of Stamford.

Schools – The entire school system is accredited and offers a high quality education in both public and private schools. There are well over forty different public elementary schools, middle schools, and secondary schools in the area. Of these, twenty are magnet Schools that are based on certain criteria, such as academic and athletic success. There are also private elementary schools as well. The University of Connecticut, American School of Professional Psychology, and the University of Connecticut School of Medicine are a few of the top colleges in the area.

Sporting Activities – With so many professional teams based in Connecticut, it’s no surprise that there is an abundance of high quality sports teams as well. The Connecticut High School Athletic Association is responsible for the athletic programs of the state. There are baseball, basketball, football, hockey, golf, soccer, and tennis; and also a large quantity of volleyball, softball, and track and field programs at the schools.

Community Events – The community of Stamford is also home to a wide variety of annual and monthly festivals. The Stamford Valley Summer Festival is held every June and features musical performances by local and national acts as well as food and craft vendors. The May Fair is an all-star weekend of car racing, live entertainment, food, and fireworks. There are also free concerts held each June as well as pottery, bead shows, flea markets, and local art exhibit.

Work Options – The proximity to New York City and other major cities also allows for jobs in the area. Many graduate students choose to live in Connecticut and work towards degrees. There are several colleges in Connecticut that offer highly respected professional degrees in business, law, and education as well as associate degrees in many different subject areas. These programs are very well sought after by professionals looking to climb the career ladder, or just want to start a fresh job in the area.

Schools – The area is home to some of the finest public schools in the state. Several of these schools are accredited and some of them are known for their extremely high standards of teaching and academic achievement. The Yale University – Connecticut campus is considered one of the top colleges in the entire country. Also, St. John’s Northwestern University is considered to be one of the top ranked schools in the region.

Real Estate – The value of the real estate within the Connecticut area is also quite high. The current inventory of homes for sale in the city of Stamford has sold for a total value of nearly six hundred million dollars. Homes for sale are priced in the higher end of the market to allow for quick sales. It is expected that the demand will continue to increase over the next few years. The demand in the area is so high that builders are beginning to build new subdivisions in the area to meet the growing demand.

The Connecticut towns of Greenwich, Fairfield, Greenwich Village, Wallingford, New Haven, New Milford, Southington, Westport, Litchfield, Waterbury, Connecticut Springs and New London are all located on the Connecticut coast close enough to New York City to allow the commuter to easily travel back and forth. The homes in the Greenwich area range in price from the affordable to the more luxurious, but all of the homes for sale in this area offer scenic views of the ocean. Many of the schools in the Greenwich area include: Babson College, Becker College, Hampshire College, Greenwich Middle School and the selective Connecticut School of Law. All of these schools are renowned for their well taught courses and a focus on the coursework that prepares you to pass your state bar exam and become an attorney practicing in the state of Connecticut. The towns of New London, Westport, New Milford, and New Haven offer many different types of businesses that offer employment to people of all levels of experience.