Planning a Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel can change the appearance of any home, but a major renovation will most likely add new rooms to an existing house. Updating the kitchen to bring in new flooring, cabinets, countertops, and appliances can increase the value of a property. However, kitchen remodeling can take a big chunk out of your budget. Smaller renovations to the kitchen can add more functionality and appeal without increasing your budget. Kitchen renovation ideas for a smaller budget include changing the oven, refrigerator, sink, range, and microwave. With so much activity in one location, it is important that your kitchen design is comfortable, functional, and appealing.

kitchen remodel

o Change the Oven: If you currently have an open kitchen with countertops and cabinets above, you should consider moving your work triangle in towards the middle of the room. If the kitchen is long, you will need to add more square footage in the center for storage. The standard kitchen work triangle should work for your needs. An adjustable oven with three burners and a sink with a pull out dishwasher could work well, but keep in mind you should position these items so that they are accessible to everyone in your household.

o Change the Countertops: A small kitchen design can look cramped if your countertop is too large. If you plan on doing a lot of cooking, consider replacing your countertops with granite, limestone, or quartz for a classy modern look. For more durability, consider installing butcher block countertops. Butcher block countertops are strong and sturdy and will help your kitchen design. When you do not want to replace your countertops, consider installing a backsplash of ceramic tile or stone tile to increase your kitchen’s appeal.

o Install Sink: If your kitchen work triangle allows for a larger sink, you may also want to install a larger, wider sink. This will make it easier to wash large pots and pans on the stove top. If you purchase an undercounter sink, you will have extra counter space, which you can use to store cutlery and other kitchen necessities. If your kitchen work triangle allows for a standard measurement of five feet by seven feet, you should be able to install a larger sink such as a forty-four-inch deep stainless steel sink or a one-half foot deep granite or limestone sink. These sinks are much smaller than your average homeowner, however they will add a sense of spaciousness to your kitchen.

o Consider Other Design Features: You should also consider the design features that will compliment your new kitchen remodel. For example, you may decide to add an island into your kitchen if you like to cook at the island. Or, you may choose to add a bar area for barbecuing meals with family and friends. Make sure to add any additional design features that will make your kitchen a relaxing place to spend time.

o Wall Oven: Choosing to install a wall oven in your kitchen remodel will give you the ability to cook healthy meals. However, if you are not a fan of the thought of working in a kitchen with a wall oven, you may want to consider a convection oven or induction oven. In either of these devices, the food is cooked via convection or induction technology. The microwaves within the oven deliver a heated spray to the food being cooked. Because the food is cooked directly by the microwave rather than the heat of a stove, the cooking is more even and the foods will be more tender.

When considering your kitchen remodel, one of the most important factors that you will want to take into consideration is the flooring that you will be installing. Most kitchen remodeling projects include installing new flooring because it is the easiest way to upgrade the appearance of a room. In addition, there are numerous styles of tiles, grout, and other materials that can be chosen to create a beautiful look that will only add value to your home. Whether you choose a stone kitchen remodel in the kitchen or choose a modern tile design for your bathroom remodeling project, you will be delighted with the end result. Today, contractors are using more environmentally friendly products and materials in their construction projects, which helps to make these projects safer for the environment as well as easier for the homeowners when it comes to making the final installation.

When you are planning your kitchen remodel, there are several important items that you should plan out in advance. You will have to think about the layout of the room, the layout of the appliances and cabinets, how you will store appliances, and how you will install the new appliances. While this may seem like a lot to plan out, it really just requires some planning and the right selection of kitchen appliances. If you take your time and make a good decision, you will find that the rest of the room will come together nicely. Your home will become more valuable and enjoyable when you take the time to plan your remodel.