Oxford Connecticut – A Popular Travel Destination

Oxford Connecticut is a beautiful residential town located in central Connecticut, in southwestern Connecticut, United States. The town’s population was 11,681 in the 2021 census. Oxford is the 25th wealthiest town in the nation by the average household income. Several distinct settled areas within the city include Oxford Center, Quaker Farms, Old Saybrook, and Riverside.

Oxford Connecticut

The location of Oxford Connecticut is on the eastern bank of the Connecticut River. This settlement dates back to the year eighteenth century. A river boat route connected this town with Yale University. The nineteenth century saw Oxford manufactures and other industries flourish, as Oxford manufactures are still popular today. The University of Connecticut at Oxford provides a strong commitment to higher education and an excellent teaching system.

The town located between Yale University and Connecticut College was named after Oxford, a professor who served as a botanist and geologist during the late eighteen hundreds. During his time at this college, he made some discoveries that have aided the modern world in more ways than one. Oxford Connecticut is connected to the United States Military Academy, which was established during the Revolution. As a result, this town is home to the oldest surviving Continental Army camp in the greater Oxford region. This camp, Lackland Hall, is located south of Oxford.

While comparing Oxford Connecticut to other towns in the greater Oxford region, you will find that Oxford has much more in common with other cities located on the west coast of Connecticut. Many of the residents of Oxford live in or around Waterbury, which is approximately two hundred miles from Oxford. Many students who commute to CT actually travel from Oxford to Waterbury during the summer to attend college. With the high number of residents who live in Waterbury, and the fact that many students do as well, this town becomes a cultural hub as well. In addition to boasting a beautiful beachfront location, Waterbury offers a variety of restaurants and entertainment venues.

A short drive from Oxford Connecticut, you will find the city of Southford. Southford is home to the historical town of Southford Falls, which served as a major attraction for European travelers throughout the colonial era. Today, many of the original buildings and stores are intact and welcoming to tourists and visitors. This town also has two popular outdoor attractions: The Southford State Park and The River’s Edge Park. The historical significance of Southford Falls State Park is best understood in its connection to civil disobedience and the famous American poet Hemingway. A great favorite amongst Oxford residents, the park offers numerous opportunities to view the natural beauty surrounding the area.

In addition to the aforementioned Oxford towns, several other places in Connecticut are within easy traveling distance to Oxford, CT. towns such as Fairfield, Larkspur, Westport, Norwalk, Westhampton Beach and Suffield are all considered tourist destinations by Oxford residents. These towns each have a variety of activities to take advantage of, including hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, water sports, art galleries, fine restaurants and more.

Surrounding Oxford, CT are several other towns and cities. One of those being Suffield, which is settled by the Puritan minister Samuel Seward. Seward was one of the leaders of the unsuccessful attempt to form a national church in America, which ultimately failed due to financial problems. Suffield is now a thriving town with a wide range of activities to take part in.

Oxford Connecticut is located near many popular Connecticut destinations. It is easily accessible from the state capital of Connecticut through the cities of New London, New Haven, New Barneys, New Haven, New Milford, Greenwich and Southington. As you can see, the Oxford community offers a great selection of lodging for visitors, whether you are looking for luxury hotels or smaller bed and breakfasts.