Old Saybrook, CT – Lifestyle and Ambiance of the Heartland

Old Saybrook Connecticut

Old Saybrook, CT – Lifestyle and Ambiance of the Heartland

Old Saybrook, Connecticut is located in the northeastern part of Connecticut. The town is considered to be a popular summer vacation destination for those who love the outdoors and enjoy swimming, hiking, and boating. If you are considering a vacation home or a place to rent for a week or two, Old Saybrook offers plenty of lodging for your trip, or even a permanent stay if you plan to make a return visit. You’ll find a variety of lodging options for your trip here.

Old Saybrook rests within the boundaries of the Penobscot National Forest. The town is known for its scenic vistas, because of its high peaks in the nearby mountains. Most visitors come to Old Saybrook during their annual summer visit, which happens to be one of the most popular weekend getaways for travelers. Here, you will enjoy hiking, biking, horseback riding, swimming, fishing, camping, and canoeing.

Old Saybrook is an established town, dating back to the colonial period, when it was a small market town. This was primarily a seaport settlement, providing passage between Boston and Connecticut. Today, it is one of the oldest towns in Connecticut. Its connection to the Penobscot River dates back to 1734, when Captain John Smith brought some gold from America to Old Saybrook. From this source, the town received supplies and later became known as the “birthplace of the American Independence.”

Old Saybrook features a picturesque shoreline, with sandy beaches and an abundance of wildlife. You’ll also find plenty of local attractions, like historical sites, nature preserves, and historic buildings. At the beach, you can fish, go kayaking, or just enjoy a picnic on the sand. Nearby, you can visit the Old Saybrook Lighthouse, one of the seven wonders of the world.

Fishing is popular at several points along the coastline, but the most popular destinations are Sandusky and Bayville. The northern beaches are considered to have the best conditions for fishing, with plenty of fish and other sea life. While fishing is popular year round, the best times to go are typically from mid May through mid October. Fish can be caught easily off the beaches, including perch, flounder, trout, catfish, salmon, and bass.

Old Saybrook, CT has several historic areas, including the historic district. At this point in town, you can visit the Main Street in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, and the historic arts center. Built in 1930, this arts center features a variety of exhibits and performances, including local theater and concerts. Other attractions include the historic train station, which serves passengers as well as locals.

If you love politics, Old Saybrook, CT is the perfect place to support your favorite candidate. There are a number of politicians who represent the area, including U.S. Senator Joe Biden and Governor Thomas Malloy. The two men are running for re-election this November, and each has received millions of dollars in donations. In between campaign visits, you can stop by the five offices, where you will find voting forms and other election literature. This is a good way to get involved and show support for the politicians.

In Old Saybrook, CT, you have plenty of options for entertainment and fun. The towns include Wildwood, Wallingford, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Norwalk, and West Springfield. The five cities are all within easy reach of one another, making it easy to visit all of them. Between family attractions, festivals, and political events, there is a festival in Old Saybrook every year that everyone can enjoy. If you love to entertain, Old Saybrook, CT is the perfect town to call home.