Old Lyme, Massachusetts – A Beautiful Town

Old Lyme Connecticut is an attractive hamlet located on the Connecticut River in the center of Lyme, Connecticut. The community has been thriving for over three hundred years. Today, many people live in this area. This bustling hamlet is home to numerous festivals and special events, as well as Old Lyme Connecticut hotels, restaurants and pubs.

Old Lyme is mainly a resort community. It has a number of hotels, motels, cabins and bed and breakfasts. The town features some beautiful views of the Connecticut Ocean and Litchfield county. The nearby New London River gives this community access to some fine fishing and boating, as well as beautiful forests and landscapes.

Old Lyme is mostly a vacation destination for families and older couples. The winters in this area are harsh, with temperatures dropping below freezing at times. However, the summer is warm and enjoyable with temperatures hovering around 70 degrees. The historic district of Lyme has been designated a historical site. This includes a local museum, a maritime museum, and the Old Lyme Historical Society.

At one time, Old Lyme was an important seaport. Early colonists and merchants relied upon this port for supplies and provisions. Today, the harbor is still used by fishing enthusiasts. There are also boat tours available.

Old Lyme is filled with bars, taverns, restaurants and other retail shops. Lyme Village is filled with cafes, restaurants and stores. There are even a post office, public library, bank and a supermarket. During certain seasons, there are festivals, music and free outdoor concerts. The annual Old Lyme Spring Music Festival is one of the largest.

Old Lyme Village is located on the Charles River, which flows through the heart of Lyme. In the center of town is an Irish pub called the Kelly’s Irish Pub and a gift and antique shop. The Irish Pub offers live music and dancing late into the night. There is also a firework show at sundown.

Old Lyme is also home to the offices of the city of Lyme. Those offices contain the City Hall and Court House. There are also a fire department, police department, fire ambulance, fire station and hospital. The town runs a recreation department that offers horseback riding, boating, swimming, tennis and many other winter sports. Those activities make it a desirable location for families. Those families can enjoy the shopping at the Town Center and enjoy the nightlife on the Main Street.

Old Lyme is considered to be a quiet town. There are not many stores or businesses that stay open late. It is not known whether there is a pizza restaurant or coffee shop in town. Lyme is popular for its unique cuisine.

Old Lyme is about three hours from Boston. That makes it ideal for a vacation trip. There is plenty to do and see in Old Lyme. The closest airport is in Lyme, but those who live in the area can drive to Boston. People who travel to the area on a frequent basis should take a day trip to Old Lyme.

Lyme is located on the Susquehanna River, which flows through nine counties in the northeast of the state. About one hundred and fifty rivers within the state to provide water for the Susquehanna River and the cities of Dedham, Lyme and Medfield. A boat tour of the area can take participants to many different cultures and time periods. This boat tour is available in summer and winter.

While on a walking tour of the village, tourists can enjoy many historical sites. At Old Lyme, visitors can go to the historic starting point of the Susquehanna River. Many buildings and structures have been built along the river in various periods of history. Tourists can learn about the lifestyle of the people who lived in Old Lyme at the historical museums.

While on a visit to Old Lyme, it is possible to explore the various shops and restaurants that are located in the village. There are also a post office, a bank, a police station and several hotels in the area. Old Lyme is a very serene location and is not crowded at all. There are many different types of stores where travelers can purchase things that they need for their trip. When visiting this lovely area, plan to spend a quiet afternoon simply by the waters of the Susquehanna River.