Old Lyme Connecticut Vacations

Old Lyme Connecticut is an extremely popular town in Connecticut. It has a large number of people who live there year round. Old Lyme is located on the northern shore of Lyme, Connecticut. The city of Old Lyme also offers a large number of attractions and is home to the famous Lyme College. There are a lot of different hotels and vacation rentals available to rent in Old Lyme Connecticut.

Old Lyme Connecticut

Old Lyme has been home to a number of people who moved to this area in recent years. There are many tourists who make Old Lyme their base from which they travel all over the United States. Old Lyme has a number of beaches and is very popular for those who like the sea or who love the beach.

Old Lyme Connecticut is known to be a very historic city. The main street of the city, Old Lyme Street, is actually a historic district where a number of homes once stood by ocean captains. The buildings have all been restored and are available for rent. There is also the Old Lyme Museum which will allow you to explore the past of this area as well.

Rental homes are very popular in Old Lyme. If you have a vehicle you can rent a car to drive around the area as well as hire a cab for the rest of your trip. You may be able to save money on the taxi as compared to other major cities in the United States. The city of Old Lyme also offers a number of restaurants and bars for visitors to enjoy.

You may want to consider staying in one of the quaint little hotels that dot Old Lyme’s shoreline. There are quite a few options to choose from. There are historic inns, bed and breakfasts, and even self-service vacation rentals. You can stay at a private cabin if you are comfortable with the outside world.

If you prefer to stay in vacation rentals you should definitely consider Old Lyme rentals. The beach front is located on the East Street. The South Street is home to many shops and restaurants as well. All of these areas are within walking distance of Old Lyme’s main street.

You will be able to find a variety of accommodations in Old Lyme Connecticut that will suit all budgets. There are condos, vacation rentals, townhouses, and luxury homes. Holiday rentals are not only available in this area but are also found throughout the area as well.

If you are going to stay for some time you may want to consider vacation rentals. Holiday rentals in the area allow you the freedom to spend the entire day enjoying all of the beautiful attractions. When you are there it is possible to purchase your own vacation home or you can stay in a condo or a hotel. Holiday rentals are usually less expensive than hotels.

There are a number of different vacation rentals to choose from. Some of these are very unique. The West Street Inn is located right on the ocean front. This is a very unique inn where you can swim in the sea and enjoy the view. You also get access to the beach through an attached pool.

One of the most common types of vacation rentals are townhouses in Old Lyme. You can find quaint Victorian styled townhouses with lots of open rooms and bathrooms. Many of these houses are located on the waterfront as well. You also have access to the ocean. The Townhouse at River View Village is one such home.

Vacation rentals also include many condos, cottages, apartments, and townhouses. You will be able to find a home to meet your every need and budget. If you want to experience Old Lyme Connecticut for a long weekend, a long vacation, or a month-long vacation then you can find something that will fit all your needs.

The area has more to offer than just old homes. You can also experience the beauty and history of this quaint Connecticut town.