New Milford, Connecticut – A Relaxing and Beautiful Place to Visit

New Milford is a wonderful town in Litchfield County, Connecticut. The town is on the west bank of the Connecticut River, about 14 miles west of Danbury. It is also the fourth-largest town in the state, in regard to the total land area in a per square mile. The population in New Milford is approximately five hundred, and it is known for being a fairly well knit town. This means that the residents have a good work ethic and are always willing to help others.

New Milford was named after the first European settlement in Connecticut by French settlers. The French called the town of New Milford because of its connection to the nearby New Milford Falls. New Milford falls are an eight hundred feet cascade located on the south shore of Milford Sound in New Milford Connecticut. The waterfall was built by Englishman Captain John Winthrop in order to capture salmon and to use it to fertilize his estate. The waterfall is still used today as a trout stream.

The early years of New Milford were characterized by two events; the first was a large fair which was held in the town and a Wild West town wild west fair. This was the beginning of a century long tradition of hosting a variety of events in New Milford. The second event was the construction of the Penobscot High School, which is still in use today. The New Milford Country Fair drew a crowd of thousands of visitors every year, and over the years the fair has been expanded to include an outdoor market, a country club, and even a casino.

The New Milford Chamber of Commerce has held a town-wide open house in the Courtyard Plaza Shopping Center every year since 1974. This event attracts businesses and individuals from around the state to tour the town and meet with local business leaders. Other than the open house, the chamber also hosts a trunk flea market every Thursday through Saturday. Trunk Flea Market is considering the largest flea market in the entire state.

In the far northern part of New Milford, you will find the quiet town of Litchfield County. Litchfield County is named after the man who developed the towns natural water supply, Thomas Lee. The town is named for a man that served as the town’s mayor from 1700 until his death in 1849. The area surrounding the towns natural water supply is known as Candlewood Lake.

A quick search on the Internet reveals that New Milford is conveniently located close to three other large towns in the Connecticut coastline; New Haven County. Two of the towns are so close that they are only fifteen miles apart. With its convenient location and close proximity to the towns of New Haven and New Milford, a light rail station was built to allow commuters to travel between the two towns. Many commuters use the New Haven commuter rail line to travel back and forth between the two towns.

When traveling through New Milford Connecticut you will want to stop at the Litchfield House. Built in 18 44, the house sits on its own lot in what used to be the town’s center. Known as the town’s historical center, the Litchfield House offers a tourist the chance to explore the history of New Milford. Within walking distance of the town’s downtown, the Litchfield House has been preserved in its original state. The Housatonic River runs right through the middle of town. Locals and tourists often use the New Milford Lighter Railroad to experience the many different cultural points of interest located in this New Milford Connecticut town.

Just north of New Milford is the Candlelight Lake Park. The park consists of five parks that have pathways and amenities for travelers to enjoy. The five different parks are located between Pine Hill and Pine street and include Hammocks Park, Campione Street Park, Pine Street Park, and Tugboat Landing Park. These five parks are perfect for families, couples, and individuals alike. Travelers can even take the children to the New Milford Historical Society for a special guided tour of the town.