New London Connecticut – A Historical Travel Guide

New London Connecticut is a cosmopolitan coastal town. The Custom House Maritime Museum chronicles its long port heritage. Nearby, 1800s Fort Trumbull overlooking the river reflects on the turbulent century that birthed the colony. The permanent collection at Lyman Trumbull Art Museum includes maritime art.

New London Connecticut

South of the New London Harbor Light, colorful Ocean Beach Park still offers an ocean view and kids enjoy the numerous picnic spots. “oton et al” is the name of the popular restaurant where chef de cuisine Fabrice Pareto serves his delightful fare. “oton et al” also serves Native American cuisine and you can find “oton et al” on what to do in new London, Connecticut.

If you are seeking spiritual enlightenment in the tranquil hills and deep forests of Connecticut, then the Fairfield Inn & Suites are the perfect lodging spot. The Yankee editors pick this location because it is centrally located and close to many attractions. If you are looking for more than just a relaxing room, Fairfield Inn & Suites also feature a spa. This hotel is strategically located near the Mystic River, so the walking and kayaking opportunities are superb.

New London Connecticut is near the famed city of Boston and its close proximity to Rhode Island adds even more charm to the area. You will find historic downtown new London hotels like the Hilton New London Connecticut, Courtyard by Marriott, and the Comfort Inn on the ocean beach. These hotels are strategically located to capture the sights and sounds of downtown new London. They are a short walk from the sandy beaches and shopping centers along the New London River.

In terms of nearby attractions, a few you might want to consider include the historic Woodbury House and the Society of Friends. The Society of Friends is an American nonprofit organization that was formed in 1834 as a social club dedicated to the cause of preserving American Indian culture. If you love nature, you will enjoy touring the restored Woodbury House. The house sits directly on the wooded Long Island Sound shoreline and offers panoramic views of the Connecticut River and New London Connecticut. Many visitors come to the Society of Friends for the natural and cultural experiences associated with the natural environment. Another favorite local attraction is the long island sound museums, including the Science Museum, the Freeport Historical Society, and the Museum of Oceanography.

If you are looking to visit New London Connecticut during the winter months, you have two viable options. One is to stay on the east shore and use the mass-transit rail system to get around; the other is to travel south along the Connecticut River until you come to the town of New London. From New London, you can drive to the Whaling Station, the Whale Watching National Park, and the Crystal City Tour and Aquarium. The whaling station is one of the oldest and most productive whaling stations in the world.

When it comes to dining in New London, there are several restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines, including continental, Italian, Japanese, Thai, and French. While dining, keep in mind that the New London area used to be a large dairy farm. Today, because of the intense farming industry that still exists in the New London area, you can find a variety of delicious foods, from fresh seafood to homemade breads and pastas to locally caught meat. In addition, many of the restaurants offer a variety of wine, as well. Some of the wineries include Hillside Wines, Millstone Winery, and Old Kingdom Wines.

For those who prefer to take their sight seeing to the next level, many of the local attractions, like Long Island Sound, historic Fort Lee, and the famous Connecticut Post Office can be visited along the Connecticut coastline. You will also find the Catskills Balloon festival, a tradition that has taken place since 1820. Finally, don’t forget the annual New London Film Festival. New London is one of the most unique cities in the East Coast, and this yearly event showcases the best of what the city has to offer.