New Haven, Connecticut – Home of the Saatchi Gallery

New Haven Connecticut is a cosmopolitan city on Long Island Sound, located between New York and Connecticut. It is home to the prestigious Yale University, established in 1701. The museum includes the Yale University Art Gallery, the Yale University Science Museum and the Yale University Art Collections Research Center. The New Haven Museum explores local history.

New Haven Connecticut

– Peter J. Reuterman’s “The Power of Visual Thinking” is one of the few titles in the world to be both an illustrated and non-illustrated book and a book and photo book. The result is a collection of nearly a thousand works of art and non-art, of which only a portion is illustrated. This is truly a visual feast. (The Power of Visual Thinking is another recent success, offering ninety-six unique images or interpretations.)

– Robert M. Pisano’s “Sculpture: An Artist’s Manifesto” is a marvelous portrait of an age. At first glance, it seems to take place in a living room in some small Georgian house in an affluent suburban neighborhood. But the interior is composed of several rooms within a large warehouse building. The result is a magnificent microcosm of a myriad of cultures and eras. And because Pisano is an artist, each space holds an image of beauty and wonder.

– Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Furling Pottery” is another masterful series of watercolor paintings. The series features over one hundred works of art, all depicting scenes from New Haven, Connecticut. The largest artworks are the centerpiece pieces, and all but one is displayed on a large scale within the environment. You could cover every square inch of the loft.

– Paul Durand-Ruel’s “French Country Cottage” in the French Country Historic Site at East Haven, CT is another spectacular example of fine art that would fit into any gallery. The entire rear half of the home was designed and built by a master craftsman. The windows and doors are fashioned in the same way as the master’s house, and the furniture and decorative items are all original. The final results are a spectacular showpiece for any gallery.

– The River Walk at East Haven Village is designed around two rivers with bridges on their banks. These include The Winooski and The Connecticut River. All of the river walking paths in the park were created by the resident landscape artist, Mark Zucherberg. A walking path along the River Walk has paths to each of the rivers and a bridge that crosses the Winooski River.

– Joseph Cornell’s “Waterfront Park at Elm Park” is located on the Waterfront of Elm Park, Connecticut. The large expanse of land is landscaped with large trees, benches and small ponds. Cornell’s beautiful water features and garden ponds give this piece of art a tranquil atmosphere. It would make an excellent backdrop for a formal wedding or reception.

– Jeffrey Bale’s “Garden Pond at Wetherpool” is another beautiful example of fine art from New Haven, Connecticut. The large garden pond is surrounded by trees and offers beautiful views of the pond. The pond itself is surrounded by a fountain. This piece of art would be an ideal backdrop for an elegant event at one of the gazebo’s located throughout New Haven.

– Connecticut landscapes are enhanced even more by the inclusion of carefully selected sculptures and gardens. In fact, there are so many gardens in New Haven and surrounding areas that it would be impossible to mention them all in one article. However, a few of the more popular gardens are The Glass House, The Lark Street Garden and The Botanical Building which are all located on the Charles River. All of these gardens are designed to offer their visitors relaxation and enjoyment while watching a collection of various plants and animals.

– If you are a resident or work here you may have already noticed the abundance of fine arts within the city limits. Of course you have the major names such as the Saatchi Gallery, the Museum of Art, the John Hancock Museum and the John Seagram and Co. You can also add to your knowledge by taking a stroll through some of the small art galleries that are found all over New Haven. These small, local art galleries are often filled with New Haven locals displaying their artwork for anyone who stops by. They are a great place to start discovering the wonderful world of New Haven art and culture.

– Of course one of the best ways to really experience the rich history and culture of New Haven is to tour through the many museums. The Yale Art Gallery, the Saatchi Gallery, the Connecticut Historical Society and the Museum of Arts & Industries are only some of the well-known museums that are found in New Haven. If you are looking to find a specific piece of art, you may want to consult your guide to determine the best way to approach the piece. While they can help you in most cases, they cannot guarantee what any given piece will look like when fully completed. It is up to you to use your imagination and creativity in order to see the art you are searching for.