New Fairfield, Connecticut

New Fairfield Connecticut

New Fairfield, Connecticut

New Fairfield, Connecticut is a bustling town in Fairfield County, Connecticut. The town population was 13,883 in the 2021 census. New Fairfield is among five towns that comprise the lake known as Candlelight Lake in Connecticut. This community is about a three hour drive from New London, Connecticut, and about an hour drive from New York City.

A cosier-murphy house in New Fairfield makes this a desirable place to live. The lake is the lake’s namesake, and New Fairfield and the surrounding communities are named after this body of water. It is also near the Fox River, which is a tributary of the Connecticut River. The town’s location and close proximity to the rest of Connecticut make it a popular destination for residents. Many people commute to New York City every day, and some choose to live in New Fairfield in order to commute back.

The National Register of Historic Places lists the town of New Fairfield as a historic place in Connecticut, along with two other cities, Woodbury and New London. New Fairfield shares the same river with its neighbor, Stoneham, and these two cities share a connection with the colonial era. Both cities were chartered by the English during the colonial period, and many of the local historic places were named for prominent figures from New England. Several important historical figures can be found in New Fairfield.

John Winthrop, a member of the incorporators of New Fairfield, was born in Fairfield county in 1817. He was a major player in the early settlement and farming of the land that would later become New Fairfield. William Penn came to Fairfield in the same manner and later became one of the most influential men in Pennsylvania. Because both cities are located on the Connecticut River, they share a connection with the Revolutionary War. However, New Fairfield does not have a connection with the civil war because of the lack of an income tax.

As you travel through New Fairfield, you will be able to see the many streams and rivers. New Fairfield has many streams such as Mattissogood Creek and Green Pond that provide water for farming. If you would like to enjoy fishing, you will be able to find a large amount of fish just a short distance from your home. If you are a nature lover, then you will want to stop in at the Connecticut Nature Trail to view the natural beauty that the area provides. New Fairfield offers a parking permit that allows you to enter the park.

The largest lake in New Fairfield, known as the Squanz Pond, is the result of a massive fill of water from the Danbury Waterworks dam. Many local lake owners in New Fairfield allow visitors to use the lake for fishing, kayaking, or swimming. Another wonderful thing about the lake is that it connects the towns of New Fairfield and Danbury. You can take a train from Danbury to Fairfield, which will take you right into the heart of New Fairfield.

Another connection between New Fairfield and Danbury is the Squanz Pond. The Squanz Pond was built in 1820 for the benefits of the residents of New Fairfield. Many people love to visit the “Squinz Pond,” and some even decide to live there. It is possible for someone to live on the “Chief Squanz Pond.” The chief stanza is approximately two hundred feet of koi fish, over thirteen hundred gallons of water, and a twenty-two mile walking path to the Squanz Pond.

As you can see, there are many things for you to explore and do in New Fairfield, Connecticut. The Richter park offers a good amount of activities and sites that anyone can enjoy. A part from the scientific research that has taken place here, there are also plenty of things to do for entertainment. No matter what your interests are, you will not have to worry about missing out on anything, as you can just walk to the candlewood lake and go swimming.