Mansfield Connecticut Attractions

Mansfield is a lovely historic town in Tolland County, Connecticut. The town’s population had been less than twenty-one thousand at the last count. The city of Mansfield is in the center of the Tri-Aid Highway and is only about two miles from the City of Suffield. If you are looking for an inexpensive place to live in Connecticut, you might want to check out Mansfield.

People who travel to Mansfield often visit the cities of Tolland and Fairfield. This makes it a convenient place for travelers to make the short drive from their home to the New Haven International Airport or the Connecticut State Security Building in New Haven. The New Haven International Airport has one of the best air connections to the rest of the country. You can also find a connection to the North American Hotels if you drive to the southern part of tolland county and then take a south turn on the toll road to connect with the hotel.

In Mansfield, Connecticut there is a lot of historic sites and places to see. The historic district of Mansfield Hollow has been designated a historical site by the National Register of Historic Places. The area is known as the birthplace of the American Revolution because of the place where it was built. There are also a series of buildings along the highway that were built during the 1800’s when there was still no electric light or telephone lines. When you visit this part of Mansfield, Connecticut you will see a series of homes that were made during the age of Thomas Edison.

Also in the Mansfield Center Historic District is the Edison Museum, which displays the inventor’s belongings and tell-tale signs that he may have lived at this home. Another great place to visit is the Thomas Edison House, which houses some of his original works as well as an office building that once was managed by the great inventor. Here you can also find the U.S. Route 40 railroad station, which is the connection between New York City and New Haven, Connecticut.

When you visit Mansfield, Connecticut you may want to stop in at the Mansfield Center Cemetery. This historic ground contains the graves of over one hundred and fifty individuals who were laid to rest here. Many of these have their final resting places marked on their headstones. The graveyard is maintained by the county and visitors can walk through the graveyard. If you would like to view the remains of your family members who were killed in the war, theestone Visitor Center can help you out.

The history of the town of Mansfield, Connecticut is important to those of us from the United States military who fought during the Civil War. A monument known as the National Army Mortuary is located on the grounds of the Mansfield center cemetery. This memorial is the final resting place for all fallen soldiers of the Union and Confederate armies. The remains of over one hundred and fifty soldiers are housed here. You can also tour the grounds of the Mansfield Center Cemetery.

Another great attraction located just a short distance from Mansfield is the Connecticut Adventure Park. Here you will find four exciting locations to explore, such as the Steamboat Springs Caverns, Big Pond Mountain and Water Kingdom. This amusement park offers many different types of rides for those of you who enjoy water-based adventures. While you are in Connecticut, you can take a ride on the commuter train that stops at stations throughout the state, or even drive right over the Lake Champlain Bridge.

If you like your food outdoors, the Mansfield Connecticut Restaurant & Wine Bar is the perfect setting for your special occasion. Here you will find award winning restaurants, intimate, family owned businesses, as well as one of the premier wine and beverage bars in the state. You can spend some time in this historic town enjoying the fine food and drink along with the beautiful scenery and outdoor nightlife. Find out what these great Mansfield Connecticut Attractions has to offer by viewing my blog today.