Living the Life of a Real Estate Agent in Montville Connecticut

Montville Connecticut is located in New London County in Connecticut. The city is one of the largest towns in Connecticut. The population stood at 19,571 at the last count. This city is one of the major tourist destinations of Connecticut. Many tourists visit this city and take in the sights and sounds of this town. Tourists usually flock to Montville during the Christmas holidays, but the town does also witness large numbers of visitors throughout the year.

Montville Connecticut

There are many points of interest in Montville Connecticut, some of which are historical. Two places that are worth visiting are the Montville Historical Society Museum and the Montville Historical Society. In addition, the museum allows visitors to have an up close look at some of the historic Montville homes and to take a tour through town. The Thames river runs through Montville Connecticut and you can view many boats on the river that originated in this town.

The city of Montville sits on the border of Connecticut state. Because of this, the town is easily accessible by residents of CT as well as people living outside of the state. The roads in and around Montville are very well known. The state capital of Connecticut, Washington DC, is about thirty minutes drive to the east. The two cities, as well as the state capitol building are within driving distance of each other.

The average house price in Montville is around eight hundred dollars. This includes the houses that are for sale as well as those that are available to rent. The real estate prices have been on the rise over the last few years and have risen over forty percent over the last five years. A one hundred thousand dollar home will generally cost twenty-five percent more than an average house sold in Montville Connecticut. That means that a Montville Connecticut realtor will be able to get a higher per property price for a home than they would anywhere else in the state.

There are several key demographic areas that have contributed to the high level of income per property and the high average cost of properties in Montville. The largest percentage of the population is female. This makes it one of the few towns in Connecticut where the majority of the population is female. The second largest group of the population is white. This makes it one of the few towns in Connecticut where the majority of the population is white. The third and final major group is the group that is considered to be middle class.

The top three highest paying jobs for females in Montville are a salesperson, administrative assistant, and retail sales person. The average wage for these three occupations are also very good. These three occupation groups also have the lowest unemployment rate in the state of Connecticut. This means that jobs are not difficult to come by in Montville Connecticut for these three major groups of people. Because of all of this, there are more jobs available for personal care assistants in montville than any other profession in the state of Connecticut.

The average square footage of houses for the general population in Montville is just under thirty-three thousand. This means that the homes for the rich and famous are much more plentiful than the homes for the general population. There are numerous large mansions, castles, and cottages located throughout the town of Montville Connecticut.

The number of privately owned homes for sale in Montville is eleven thousand five hundred and forty-two. This number is considerably lower than the number of Montville CT real estate agent owned properties. The average price for a private owner is around six thousand dollars. Two of the most popular types of private owner homes for sale in montville are a castle and a summer home. Both of these wonderful places to live can easily be found by viewing the listings in this web site.