Living in Orange Connecticut – Home to the Best Largest Town in CT

Orange is a charming town in New Haven County, Connecticut. The population has been growing for several years, but it wasn’t long ago that Orange was considered a bad neighborhood. That has changed, though. The city is now governed by a board of selectmen.

Orange Connecticut

Orange is one of the largest towns in southern Connecticut, bordering Connecticut and New York. It was originally a logging town, but it has seen an influx of new residents in recent years. Orange is served by three public transit agencies. The commuter rail serves the city from Washington Station in New Haven, Maine to the University of Connecticut in College Park, Connecticut.

Orange is conveniently located close to New Haven and Connecticut’s larger cities. It’s close enough to be close to New Britain and the Eastern Shore, but it’s far enough away to retain the small town character. While New Haven and the New England region are very populated, Orange still enjoys a lively economy with plenty of job opportunities. Orange offers a full service brick and mortar office to fit most any business’s needs. The town also offers a variety of commercial real estate opportunities, from shopping malls and office buildings to vacant lots and agricultural land.

Orange Connecticut is made up of nine counties: New Haven, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Fairfield, Putnam, Washington, and Greenwich. Orange is just a short commute from New Haven and New Britain, which are very close in proximity to Orange. Families with young children will love the easy access to hospitals, schools, shopping, and cultural attractions. Orange boasts a high level of broadband internet service, with satellite television programming as well. Orange Connecticut’s motto is “A community of care.” This attitude is expressed in the town’s many recreational and charity organizations, all designed to meet one goal – providing the very best quality of life for all its residents.

Located on the Southern Connecticut border, Fairfield is another city that is bursting with natural charm. Situated on the southern edge of the Peekskill River, Fairfield is home to a wide range of activities, from an annual town fair to high Plains Country Fair. There’s always something going on in Fairfield, from festivals to annual county fairs and family events. The town also offers affordable housing and convenient public transportation. Many residents choose to move into Fairfield because they know that they’re close to a variety of employment options.

If you’re looking for the second largest city in the state of Connecticut, New Haven is the place to look. Founded in 1734, New Haven is New England’s oldest city and one of the nation’s top destinations for tourists. The city is bordered by Rhode Island and the New York state Thruway system, making it easy for visitors to get around in no time. There are many attractions including the Science and Space Museum, which features one of the largest collections of space-related artifacts in the world.

If you are looking for a unique educational experience, New Haven’s “Academy of Natural Medicine” is a great place to visit. Enclosed within the Academy is an earth museum where visitors can learn about the healing properties found within the earth and the interactions nature has with man. This is the third largest university in the state of Connecticut and was originally founded by Dr. George Wharton, a renowned naturalist and obstetrician who later became the state’s first medically trained doctor. A great gift to the city and to the nation is the School of Medicine, a partnership between the academy and the University of Connecticut which have received numerous awards.

Located in Orange Connecticut’s largest town, Greenwich is a bustling industrial center with a large number of warehouses, factories, and stores. This historic district is filled with opportunities for cultural events and many ethnic restaurants. You can also visit the district’s public library, a tri-county airport, the state park system, a harbor ferry, two major harbors, the New Haven Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the town’s historic courthouse.