Living in Clinton Connecticut, USA

Clinton Connecticut

Living in Clinton Connecticut, USA

Clinton Connecticut is a historic town in Middlesex County, Connecticut. The lastchester County was formed from parts of what was the Society county and parts of what was Loud County. The town center is on the river front, with access to the Connecticut River. The town’s downtown area along the harbor was recently listed as a historical place by the U.S. Census Bureau. This makes Clinton one of only two municipalities in Connecticut to have a listed history with a U.S. Census record.

Traveling to the city of Clinton is easy with any of the CT interstates I work on. I live in New London CT and every day I take a scenic ride on the CT commuter train into New London. I really enjoy the River Run waterfalls and the views from the deck. It’s a great way to end a day’s trip! If you are driving from New London or Connecticut City, I highly recommend taking a CT interstates I connect through.

One of my favorite things about Clinton is the “Green Monster.” This is where all the recycling goes! It is so worth it to me to see all the recycling going on. When I am at the library, I love to go check out the various e-books and antique maps. It’s also a great place to see if you have some time to spare while visiting the city.

In Clinton you will find the towns closest to the river that is very picturesque. Two of them are Quaker town and West Broad Street. Both of these towns are right on the river. Quaker town is on the left bank, while the Church Street Market is on the right bank. This is where you will find food vendors, shops, and a few craft shops.

If you are looking for a little town with nightlife than I recommend the popular bars and nightclubs such as the Velvet Underground, Bottom Line, and the Roxy. These are just a few of the places you will find in Clinton. The other place that is pretty good is the bars and clubs in New Britain. They serve all types of drinks and some even serve food. Club Manhattan is one of the more popular bars in town.

The other major college town in Connecticut is students from Yale, Harvard, and Harvard Medical school. You can get in from either one of these colleges by traveling across the river. There are many buses running around the city between these colleges. You can also ride your bike across the street from either school and be close enough to walk to the other.

All in all, Clinton is a fun place to live. There is plenty to do, see, and experience! It truly is a place filled with excitement! I look forward to coming here each year.

I hope this article was helpful to you. I have two children and a mortgage. It is exhausting! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my article! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below. Until next time!