Kitchen Remodel Ideas For Families

Kitchen remodeling is a popular choice for home-owners across the country. More people than ever before are looking to add value and creativity to their homes. People know that they want a kitchen that works well with their lifestyle, and a kitchen that makes preparing meals fun and enjoyable activity. If you’re tired of spending time in the kitchen strewing around crumbs and garbage, maybe it’s about time you did something about it.

kitchen remodel

This 1970s Cottage Grove, Wisconsin home, called a Cottage, was separated into two separate rooms with an inner living area that had no windows whatsoever! The owners requested an open design kitchen remodel, which required the removal of many walls. This allowed the kitchen island to be built to provide more storage space and create a family environment. Today, you can still enjoy the open style of the cottage style kitchen island.

What kind of kitchen remodel would fit this home? By removing the wall between the dining and kitchen, the family could have a very open space that could include a breakfast nook, or even a seating area for the family to get together. It also incorporated better use of existing open space. Instead of a large island, there was only one large workable island that the rest of the family could use. This saved a lot of cabinet and storage space. A designer friend of mine redesigned the kitchen and made sure that there was still plenty of open space, but that the island was now at the center of the room rather than on a wall.

The second kitchen remodel featured new granite counter tops, and an architecturally interesting kitchen island. To further open up the kitchen, the architect also incorporated bar stools in the dining area. In my opinion, the counters are just as important as the counters that were placed on the island. By placing the counters in the center of the room, it invites conversation and also makes it easier for everyone to see each other. Having a few bar stools gives the family more seating, while leaving open counters for a more formal setting.

Another kitchen remodel features a more open feel, yet it still maintains the traditional kitchen cabinetry. The designer reused many of the old cabinets, but he kept the doors of the same size so that it didn’t take as much floor space to open them. Instead of opening the doors, you roll them up, which makes it very simple to use the cabinets and counters. A less cramped, yet organized kitchen makes it easier to do a proper remodel job that benefits the family.

Instead of the open island, another option is to replace the island with a circle of storage. The designer chose to place the cabinets around the island, rather than have the island completely open. This eliminates much of the open space that was lost by having the island open. Because the cabinets are now in a circle rather than open, the family can more easily keep track of where everything is. When the island is open, the kitchen seems to have even more clutter.

One more kitchen remodel option eliminates the galley kitchen floor plan. The galley kitchen floor plan featured separate workstations along the perimeter of the kitchen, with a central workstation located in the middle of the room. By replacing the workstations with a circle of storage, the cook can more easily keep track of the items that she needs for preparing a meal. This single change alone can make a big impact on a family’s efficiency.

Remodeling a kitchen remodel doesn’t have to be overwhelming for a designer. They can work with the family to find a solution that benefits everyone. The more input a homeowner has, the better the outcome will be. A professional designer can help guide a homeowner through this difficult and sometimes expensive remodel.