Kitchen Layout Ideas

If you are remodeling your kitchen or thinking of doing a kitchen renovation, it can be helpful to use kitchen layout ideas to help plan the space. A kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home and often gets the least thought. Often people feel that they don’t need to remodel or renovate their kitchen since it is their only room and it is the heart of the home. However, by doing some creative planning and designing you can make your kitchen more usable and efficient.

kitchen layout ideas

One of the most common kitchen layout ideas for the exterior wall of the kitchen is a kitchen island. A kitchen island is a raised countertop on which you can place dishes and other items for easy access. You may also choose to have two smaller islands with their own stove top and sink. With this type of kitchen layout, the stove, sink, and range sit on the outside of the island and the items are stored in drawers or underneath the countertop. This is an excellent choice if your kitchen is large but limited in area. An exterior wall kitchen layout with a large kitchen island will make a statement that says you took the time to think about the details.

Another one of the very popular small kitchen layout ideas is a L-shaped countertop. A L-shaped countertop is just what its name implies. It is like a “U” shape, lined on the outside with long rungs, but it is actually free standing. The long rungs can be used for storage or for extra surfaces. This type of kitchen design can be used for either small or large kitchens.

Another creative kitchen idea is to build a peninsula. A peninsula is a long counter that runs across from one edge of a kitchen to the other. It can be made from two or more countertops. You can build the peninsula using material that has a higher density than the rest of the kitchen and which is more resistant to moisture, such as stone. A kitchen island is a free-standing object on the center line of a peninsula.

Many families choose to use a bar in their small kitchen. A bar adds usable counter and storage space in addition to being a great conversation piece. If you choose to use a bar in your kitchen, you can make it fit into the space where you have available space. Use shelving or cabinets to organize the tools for use and remove everything from the counters so that the bar itself fills the entire space.

Other kitchen layout ideas include incorporating a breakfast nook. A breakfast nook can be made into almost any size kitchen. The most popular breakfast nook is a corner table that fits snugly in the corner of a kitchen. Some kitchen island designs include a breakfast nook along with a built-in microwave oven, sink and refrigerator. Other combinations allow you to create two separate work triangles, with the breakfast nook serving as a main work triangle and the rest of the kitchen used for cooking and other food preparation activities.

Another option is to use an L-shaped kitchen island. This configuration is most often used in larger homes, because the extra space creates more efficiency in the kitchen. An L-shaped kitchen island is a shaped L with two sides sliced out to create L-shaped room in the kitchen. It sits against the wall behind the stove. It’s an excellent way to utilize unused space in the kitchen and to improve efficiency while also creating more storage space.

One final kitchen layout idea is to use the natural lines of a country kitchen. Use your imagination and create a layout that would look great in an old fashioned country style home. Choose materials that are similar to what would be found in a family home in the mountains, such as wood and wicker. You could use a country kitchen island or a built-in hamper for added practicality. Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to let your creativity shine through when you come up with kitchen layout ideas!