Jobs in Westport Connecticut

Westport is a thriving community in Connecticut, Fairfield County, Connecticut. It is 52 miles south of New York City. It is on the Golden Shore, an urban beach resort community in Connecticut where waterfront homes are very common and a wide variety of homes and condominiums are to be found. The communities of Surfside, Fire Island and North Haven are all nearby.

Westport offers many things for visitors to enjoy. They have several hotels including the Westport Connecticut Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn & Suites, Westport Place Hotel, Holiday Inn across the street and the Surfside Inn. There is also the Windhampton Beach State Park, a popular site for families. The Windhampton Beach State Park has a nature center where one can learn about the birds and animals of the area as well as take a nature walk. The park is considered to be one of the top ten natural sites in Connecticut.

The beaches in Connecticut are some of the best in the world. Located on two connecting links, they offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy the golden beaches of Connecticut or the connecting beach of Long Island Sound. On the west side of the island sound the most famous beaches include Fire Island, Fortington Beach, Garden City, Surfside, and Woolmers Island. South of the island are two natural preserves in Westport Connecticut: the Eastwood Fish Preserves and the Connecticut Audubon Society habitat preserve.

Westport includes the hamlets of East Greenwich and Sherwood Island State Park. The town of Westport was incorporated in 1734 and is one of the founding members of the New Haven Colony. East Greenwich is the location of the first general court house known as “The seat of justice of the said colony”.

The most populous town of Westport is also its largest market town. Its harbor has a light house, a marina, and public park. There are ferry services from New London and New York City that bring passengers to the town of Westport Connecticut. The Connecticut tourism commission has a website that offers information about the many places of interest located in the area. The town of Westport includes a hamlet known as viewpoint point and a small market town known as borough.

Another interesting site for tourists is the New Haven connection. Here tourists can go through the connections such as the New Haven Colony, Old Haven, New London, Connecticut State House, theConnecticut National Maritime Museum, and the Connecticut Science Center. The New Haven Connection is a group of residential communities that lie along the New Haven River and connect with the town center. In addition to this, the towns of Westport, New London, New Haven, and New London together make up what is known as the Compo Mountain.

The town of Norwalk is a large community of more than thirteen hundred people located on the southern tip of Connecticut. The main business area of Norwalk includes the state house and the local post office. The town of Norwalk features many shops, theaters, and outdoor activities. The town of Norwalk includes a hotel and a theater. A ferry runs to Norwalk every fifteen minutes, which connects the town to the island of Long Island Sound.

The town of Westport and the neighboring communities of New London, Norwalk, New Haven, and New London together make up what is known as the New London and Connecticut Shoreline Area. This area is the largest shoreline community in the entire state. The largest town of Westport Connecticut is considered to be the cultural, entertainment, shopping, and dining capital of the state. It is also home to the University of Connecticut. There are numerous large companies in the town of Westport such as Citigroup and Prudential Financial. This will help you decide if a job in Westport would be a good fit for you.