How to Do a Small Bathroom Remodel

Small bathroom remodel projects can be fun to complete especially when you are able to stay on budget. Before you begin any small bathroom remodel, it is important to set aside a budget so that you do not overspend on unnecessary items. A bathroom remodel does not have to be expensive; it can start small and add luxury as you progress through the project.

Small bathroom remodel projects are ideal for knowledgeable DIYers who also have time and the necessary tools to complete the task. However, many homeowners need to consult with a licensed professional prior to undertaking the project in order to make sure that all fixtures and plumbing features are up to Code. It can also save you money to purchase an existing bathtub or shower that has a style that fits into your budget. Refinishing bathtubs or showers can be a simple and relatively inexpensive way to update the look of your space.

There are many small bathroom ideas that can be incorporated into your remodeling budget. One way to save money is to simply replace existing fixtures and fittings. For example, if you currently only have a bathtub, it may be possible to install a showerhead fixture and faucet at the same time as buying a bathtub. Some fixtures are simply more functional than others. For example, it would be less expensive to install a new faucet than to try and install one that is already broken.

Another way to cut down on small bathroom remodel costs is to replace older toilets and/or toilets that leak. In some cases, it is possible to negotiate a significant reduction in the cost of replacement. With a new toilet and shower combination, it will be possible to create a larger bathroom space that is also free from older toilets and pipes. If the leak problem is not too bad, it may be possible to use the space for another purpose, saving the cost of a new toilet.

It may be necessary to hire a contractor to complete any plumbing tasks that are part of your small bathroom remodel. In many cases, your existing plumbing will be fine and you may be able to perform the work yourself. However, if the plumbing is not up to modern standards, it could become a major problem later on. Hiring a professional to complete the work is a good way to cut down on future plumbing costs. Of course, there are some simple things that you can do to reduce the amount of plumbing work that you need to perform.

To save money during a small bathroom remodel, it would be wise to plan your renovation carefully. It would be wise to have a well-drafted layout of your planned renovations. This should include not only how many bathrooms you plan to renovate, but the average size of each bathroom as well. Knowing the average size of your planned renovations will help you determine what items will need to be removed or upgraded, which will in turn help you keep your cost within your budget. If the renovation requires more materials than the average size of the bathrooms, you may have to purchase them on your own or through a loan.

Once you know the average cost of your planned renovation, you can start looking at contractors who are experienced in performing small bathroom makeovers. Your first stop should be the yellow pages. Using these directories will help you narrow down your search greatly. You should then call each bathroom renovation contractor that you are interested in hiring.

When you meet with the contractors, you should be prepared to ask questions about their experience in the type of renovation you want to perform, including the type of plumbing, fixtures, flooring, paint, and countertops that will be required. You will also want to know the average cost for all remodeling projects and the total time that it typically takes to complete the project. If the remodeling contractor is unable to provide you with clear details regarding these fees and costs, you should consider using another professional for your bathroom makeover needs.