How To Choose The Right Bathroom Remodel Project

When it comes to bathroom remodel plans there are many things to consider. Not only do you want to add new bathroom vanities, cabinets, toilets, shower heads and flooring, but also there are other accessories you can add to complete the remodel. One of the loveliest aspects of a new spa is the steam bath, which could easily be incorporated into your bathroom remodel. Existing walk in showers can even be modified to become steam shower units, but this isn’t a DIY job most of the time.

bathroom remodel

Adding a walk in shower would be very useful. It doesn’t take a whole lot of plumbing skills or experience for someone with basic proficiency in plumbing. It may even be something as simple as adding two new holes to the existing floor drain, rather than digging up the whole bathroom floor. Other bathroom fixtures that can make for simple additions include a new tub or hot tub, to be placed in the corner of the bathroom. A small hot tub cover that fits nicely around the tub may make it more relaxing to soak in. Some of the spa covers even come with built in bench seats so that while you soak your muscles are being worked, making for a luxurious bath.

If your bathroom amenities don’t already have all of these, you can add them with a simple shower panel. It doesn’t matter if your bathroom design is modern or traditional. A basic shower panel hides the pipes for your shower while allowing you to still see the shower head. Many shower panels are built right into the walls, which will allow for the plumbing to run behind the wall. Or, if you prefer a more traditional look, you could build a separate walk in shower panel and install the shower fixtures above it. There are many choices available, including sliding doors, shower curtains, rain arches and other decorative features.

Adding a relaxing soaking bath to your bathroom remodel can also be achieved by replacing your existing bathtub with an acrylic soaking tub. These tubs can have jets, and some even have massaging jets as well. An acrylic soaking tub is a luxurious bathtub that will offer you the comfort and relaxation that you seek from a relaxing bath.

Steam showers are another simple addition to a bathroom remodel that can create a relaxing atmosphere. Steam showers are available in two varieties: electric and gas. An electric steam shower can be installed right over your existing plumbing, with a showerhead concealed within the wall. Or, you can use a gas steam shower, where you place the shower enclosure over your existing shower head and place your hand inside the enclosure to experience steam showering.

Adding a bathroom pedestal sink to your bathroom remodel can create a similar soothing atmosphere as a steam shower. A pedestal sink typically includes a large countertop on which you can put a wash basin, and a cabinet beneath where you store your toiletries. The installation of these pedestal sinks is usually simple, requiring only that you add a wall and a floor to the area that you wish to remodel.

If you are looking for something more unusual when it comes to bathroom remodel ideas, then you might want to try installing new shower heads. New shower heads can be installed in any size of bathroom, including a one-person bath. You can purchase shower heads at stores such as Bath & Body Works and Target. They are widely available and easy to install, and most of them are very affordable. In fact, a shower head that costs less than $100 can make a great upgrade to your bathroom remodel, adding a new relaxing experience to a room that has been known to be lacking in this area.

Finally, consider installing a high-efficiency washer and dryer. Installing efficient washers and dryers can also help you in your bathroom remodel by saving you money on washing and drying bills. This way, not only will you have more expensive appliances that you won’t need replacing as often, but you will also be doing your part to save the environment. There are many options when it comes to filtering and drying your own water, so if you are ready for an upgrade, then a hard water and filtering system may be the right choice for you.