How to Choose Quality Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are usually the largest built-in furniture usually installed in all kitchens for extra storage of cooking utensils, food, and sometimes silverware and small dishes for extra table service. Many appliances like ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, and other kitchen appliances are also often incorporated into kitchen cabinets. The most common type of cabinet is the kitchen cabinet with sliding doors that open to present a work surface. There are cabinets with fixed doors, sliding doors, or those with no doors at all. It really depends on your needs and style.

kitchen cabinets

Refinishing kitchen cabinets can be done professionally or at home by homeowners themselves. The first step is to prepare the surfaces that will be refinished. This includes cleaning them to make them look brand new again. Most cabinet surfaces are made of plywood or particleboard, which cannot be sanded. Some high-end kitchen cabinets have real wood veneers on top.

The next step to refinish kitchen cabinets is to choose the desired finish for your cabinetry. There are several types of finishes to choose from including oil rubbed bronze, natural, flat steel, semi-custom, or gloss. There are even more choices today like hand painted, stenciled, or hand sanded cabinets. Finish types can be chosen based on appearance or suitability for the cabinets themselves. You can use any finish to create a one of a kind look, but it is important to realize that the finishes may not be durable under high humidity and heat.

When choosing the level of finish for your kitchen cabinets, remember that the darker the cabinet the less maintenance you will need to do. A popular option is a flat black cabinet with brushed nickel hardware. Another option would be to use a clear lacquer to showcase your hardwood kitchen cabinets. There are many more options to choose from so if you’re unsure of what would look best, you can always consult with a local cabinetmaker.

If you are refacing kitchen cabinets you may also want to consider adding under mount sink and faucet kits. Under mount sinks add a countertop for easy cleaning and provide an additional space for decorative items such as wine glasses. The faucet kits simply add mounting brackets under the base cabinets so you no longer need to drill holes into the existing cabinetry. These faucet kits are very functional and elegant. They require less installation time than hanging separate faucets, but they still require accurate mounting by a professional.

It is necessary to carefully measure the space before purchasing any new kitchen cabinets so that you will be prepared to know what size to buy. Measuring the kitchen cabinets will allow you to purchase the appropriate cabinet boxes to fit your cabinets. The standard wall cabinets come in two styles, drop or up and drawers are available. If you are looking to replace your existing standard kitchen cabinets, you should consider replacing your upper cabinets with upper and lower cabinets. The drawers provide more storage space than the drop cabinets and usually do not require any special installation.

When choosing new kitchen cabinets it is necessary to know the cabinet dimensions. These measurements can be found either in the kitchen book or by using the Lapco measurement tool which is included in most kitchen cabinets sold today. The dimensions are important because they allow you to have a custom piece of cabinetry built to fit your exact specifications. This allows for better flexibility and customization when selecting the right countertop material. You should also consider the layout and style of your home when deciding on your new kitchen cabinets. There are many different types of designs to choose from including contemporary, transitional, country, modern and rustic.

Another important factor to consider when buying kitchen cabinets is the price per linear foot. The price per linear foot is the cost of the cabinets divided by the number of linear feet in the piece of equipment. It is important to note that cabinet prices are based on the wood used to create them, the brand name and whether the cabinets are pre-finished or unfinished. A high-priced cabinet may be made of high quality wood but it may also be manufactured with inferior materials which will drive the price up even more. By following this information outlined above you should be able to determine the best type of cabinet to buy according to your needs and budget.