Hotels in Waterbury Connecticut

Waterbury, Connecticut is a scenic city in the state of Connecticut, on the Connecticut River, just south of Hartford and southwest of New York City. Waterbury is also the second-most populous city in New Haven County, Connecticut, after New London. It is a central point for the Southwestern Connecticut tourism and is known as the cultural heart of Connecticut.

Waterbury’s riverfront location makes it an excellent destination spot for weekend getaways. The city is very convenient to New York City, a short commuter drive to CT. There are also affordable real estate options in Waterbury. River Farm Park and Heritage Square mall are two examples of good investment properties that are located in close proximity to Waterbury. Waterbury’s closeness to New York City means that there is a variety of cultural spots, including the Peekskill Opera House and the Waterbury Symphony. Waterbury has numerous shopping centers including Macy’s and John Hancock Tower.

If you prefer to stay in the city, then you will find many Waterbury Connecticut hotels for you to choose from. There are various Waterbury Connecticut hotels that offer luxurious amenities at affordable rates. Waterbury Hotel offers different types of hotels including those that have simple amenities and those that have more lavish ones. There are many Waterbury hotels that have the best reputation and offer competitive prices. Some of the best Waterbury hotels include the Ritz Waterbury, the Winnetu and the Wetherilliard.

The Ritz Waterbury in Waterbury Connecticut offers five-star luxury. You can dine at the world-class China restaurant and then choose to take in the indoor and outdoor fountains at the Waterbury Inn & Spa. The hotel offers a great deal for those traveling to the area including complimentary wireless internet, room service, conference calling and babysitting. You will also find a fitness center and pool, a gift shop and a restaurant that serves international cuisine.

The Winnetu Waterbury Resort has twenty-four guestrooms and includes two couples’ rooms and four one-bedroom suites. The hotel offers many relaxing options for those who want to relax. You can enjoy outdoor hot tubs and enjoy fine dining or you can choose to dine at one of the Waterbury Restaurant restaurants. You can also enjoy movies in the theater, a golf course, a heated swimming pool and a spa.

The Wetherilliard Waterbury Resort is a fine example of a luxury resort. You can get beautiful suites that are situated on three floors. The hotel offers many convenient services including hot breakfast, coffee making services, laundry facilities, a health club, miniature golf and many types of entertainment. The hotel is close to the Waterbury Park Shopping Center, the Dick’s Sporting Goods and the Waterbury Museum. You can also enjoy fine dining in the restaurant or you can take part in the many outdoor activities that are offered in the Waterbury New England Visitor Center.

The Hilton Waterbury Connecticut Waterpark is another excellent choice of a hotel in Waterbury. You can stay at a room that is located on the lake and it has all of the facilities of other rooms on the hotel. You can enjoy fine dining on the dining room table, pay in the Fast Food Restaurant and even use the gym and exercise room facilities at the hotel. This hotel offers twenty-four guestrooms and there are also eleven available suites that include queen sized and king sized rooms.

The Holiday Inn Waterbury Connecticut offers many relaxing options. You can find a room that is located close to the shopping center and you can also find a room that is very close to the Waterbury Park Shopping Center. You can enjoy fine dining at the restaurant or you can choose to dine at one of the Waterbury Restaurant restaurants.