Hiking in Litchfield Connecticut

Litchfield Connecticut is located in the state of Connecticut and is a townsite located between Westchester and New Haven. It is a convenient place for those living in the cities of New London, Westchester and Connecticut Falls. The population was approximately 8, Monday morning, according to the last census. The largest town of Litchfield was identified as Bantam. The other boroughs of Litchfield and Bantam are all located within the city.

There are two municipalities of Litchfield Connecticut; one is the town of Litchfield and the other is the town of Bantam. These towns were connected by the commuter rail until the late fifties. The connection was made because of the connection between Westchester and New Haven. Today, both Litchfield and Bantam are part of the greater New Haven commuting area. The commuter rail also runs through Springfield Connecticut.

The most popular places to visit in Litchfield Connecticut are the New Haven Museum of Art, the Science and Technology Museum, the Connecticut Zoo, the New Britain Film Festival, the National Black Arts Association, the Connecticut Science Festival, the Yale University Center for African-American History, the University of Connecticut in Storrs and the Southern School Transportation Program in Farmington. New Haven is the state capitol and a popular tourist destination. It has five major bridges that connect the island of New Haven to the mainland. These bridges are the Alumni bridge, the Yale bridge, the John C. Maxwell House and the George Washington Bridge. There are many other smaller and long bridges that connect Litchfield to the mainland.

The town of Litchfield actually has two neighborhoods, one is the Old Town which is approximately twenty acres in size and the Second Ward which are seventy acres in size. The New Haven city’s downtown area is called Cotton City. It is considered as the cultural center of the state of Connecticut. The University of Connecticut is located in the heart of the city. Many television shows were filmed in the New Haven and this has helped the tourism in Litchfield County.

There are many places of interest in Litchfield Connecticut. One of the interesting sites is the old New London Iron Works. This was a large iron manufacturing plant, which closed down in the nineteen seventies due to lack of demand for their products. Today the building is being restored and visitors can tour the interior. In addition, there is an industrial museum which offers information about New London Iron Works and its role in the shaping of America. The museum also showcases equipment used by early settlers in mining and manufacturing processes.

Another wonderful place for hiking in Litchfield Connecticut is Cabinham State Park. Here you will find two popular hiking trails, the Ramblewood Trail and the Mountain Laurel Loop. Both of these trails offer excellent views of the Connecticut River and Litchfield State Park. Hikers who enjoy backpacking will enjoy the wilderness hiking trails in the Ramblewood Trail. Cabinham State Park has a wide variety of trails for hikers and picnickers.

While visiting Litchfield there is no reason to leave your hiking boots at home when you can take advantage of the state park and enjoy water sports in Connecticut. There are two great lakes that connect the Ramblewood Trail to the Mountain Laurel Loop. The Southwick Water Park has several great swimming and boating facilities. You can also visit the popular Ramblewood Lean-To which offers convenient parking and hiking areas. This is just a short distance from the Ramblewood Trail and other hiking locations. The Litchfield Connecticut Walking Trail and the Bear River State Park Trail offer excellent walking conditions and are just a few miles each way.

Another popular area for hiking in Litchfield Connecticut is the white memorial lighthouse. Built in 1931, the lighthouse is the perfect place to take pictures, admire the landscape and get a feel for the history of this area. Besides the lighthouse you will find many historical and antique shops, beautiful gardens, picnic areas and bathrooms. For those who enjoy a little urban travel there are public transportation options as well as the Litchfield bus system.