Hiking Adventures You Will Enjoy

Canton Connecticut is one of eleven communities in Connecticut’s Bay State that collectively form the greater Canton area. It is the seat of political and business importance in Connecticut. A rapid growth spurt in the city’s real estate market has made it one of the fastest growing cities in Connecticut. The combined total population of all the communities in this one area is currently 31,539. In addition to its rapidly increasing population, Canton has also attracted a large number of tourists to its various attractions. With these two things in mind, this town is quite popular among people from all over the country.

A large portion of Canton’s growth can be attributed to the large number of affluent families who have migrated into the area from surrounding areas like New York City, Connecticut and Rhode Island in recent times. The influx of these well-to-do families resulted in a sharp increase in real estate activity in and around the city of Canton. Real estate prices have soared in this part of Connecticut since the early 1990s. The town of collinsville, which is approximately thirty-two miles from Canton’s central core in Hartsfield, is considered to be the “main entry point” for those who commute to the urban centers of Connecticut’s West Coast.

Those who live in the communities of West Haven, Brinkley, and Farmington are very familiar with the attractions that the town of Canton has to offer its visitors and travelers. For those who love to visit historic landmarks, the town of Canton is home to the National Trust for the Arts. Here you can view exhibits on the history of art as well as concerts, film events, and family events. The National Trust for the Arts runs several summer programs that include concerts and theater shows.

The other two main attractions in the area are the state park system and the New England Mountain Science Center. The state park system features a nature center that allows visitors to see several species of animals. Some of the species you can see include deer, bears, moose, fish, and raccoons. The nature center also features a large auditorium where various presentations can be watched by visitors.

The largest city in the state of Connecticut is also located within close proximity to the two most popular entertainment destinations of Canton and Farmington valleys. This is the town of Farmington. Farmington is home to several popular attractions including the historic farm mall, the annual farm fair, and the popular New England Aquarium. You can also visit the popular horse trail called the open road. Tourists who love to take long walks along the many nature trails in the state of Connecticut should consider stopping in at the famous farm mall in Farmington valley where they can enjoy fine quality coffee, hot chocolate, fresh produce, and much more.

The second most popular destination for tourists in Connecticut is the town of Collinsville. Tourists who enjoy hunting and hiking in the outdoors will find the hunting and fishing opportunities in Collinsville excellent. Other outdoor activities that tourists may enjoy in Collinsville include horseback riding, hiking, camping, and biking. The beautiful farm and ranch towns of Canton and Farmington valley make up the heart of Collinsville. You can experience the American heritage in living in this old farming town that still holds true to some of the early American traditions.

The third and final attraction in this list of top tourist destinations is the town of Simsbury. Simsbury is considered one of the premiere destinations for families in Connecticut. The scenic farm roads, lovely streams, and quaint historic buildings create a beautiful atmosphere in which to live. Whether you enjoy hiking, horseback riding, or just strolling through the town, Simsbury is sure to be an enjoyable place to visit.

No trip to Connecticut is complete without a trip to the Farmington River State Park. Here, you will find two miles of trails that take you through an area of spectacular natural beauty. Hiking this trail allows you to enjoy the sights and smells of the area, as well as, the wildlife you may encounter along the way. Hiking this trail will also allow you to see some of the beautiful falls that litter the landscape of Farmington. No matter why you choose to visit the Farmington River State Park, you are sure to have an adventure that you will remember for a lifetime.