Hebron Connecticut – A Very Popular Gay Vacation Destination

Hebron Connecticut

Hebron Connecticut – A Very Popular Gay Vacation Destination

Hebron, Connecticut is a townsite in Tolland County, Connecticut. The population has been almost 9,000 at the last censored count. Hebron has been incorporated as a city on May 26, 1708, though it was already incorporated as a town two centuries before.

According to maps, Hebron, Connecticut was incorporated as a town around the year 1708. According to one story, the British king George III wanted to build a road from Boston to London and asked General Sir Thomas Cromwell to build it. However, work on the road continued for two years, while a year later, the King died. His successor, King Charles II, wanted to keep the road as a royal road to London and stopped working on it, so that he could concentrate on other projects.

Hebron is located on a peninsula of land surrounded by the Connecticut River and the Connecticut Rivers. It lies south of Westport, Connecticut and shares an arm of the Connecticut River with the Connecticut Peninsula. At one time, the town was a significant crossroads between the Eastern and Western Massachusetts. Today, the location of Hebron marks the junction of two motorized highway systems – I-ton and I-ffe. Additionally, the town connects the cities of New Haven and New Britain with the Connecticut River by way of the Route 40 connector. The location of the highway system, including tolls, make it an attractive location for real estate investments.

One of the oldest areas in the state of Connecticut is Hebron. Many early streets were built in this ancient market community. Among the early houses of worship in the area were the Williams Street Church and the Williams Street Unitarian Church. Today, the historic district features a host of buildings and plaques reflecting the rich history of this tiny town. Some of the most notable landmarks include the Old State House, the Science Museum of Connecticut, the Old Court House, the Hebron College campus, and the historic Hebron Market Square.

The heart of the community is Hebron Village, a small neighborhood of three streets that connect the Old Court House and the future Hebron State Park. Here you will find beautiful gardens, historic buildings, parks, and public spaces. At the town level, you will find public libraries and public amenities including a state park.

The towns of Westport, New Haven, and Hebron were incorporated in June of 1960. According to the Enquirer newspaper, the original population of the Hebron area was ninety-three, but by 1960, the town had swelled to a population of nearly one hundred and fifty. Westport was designated as the city’s incorporation point, while Hebron Connecticut was included later on in the list of towns incorporated into the city of Connecticut. According to the Enquirer, the original populations of Westport and New Haven were almost exactly the same, but when the New Haven city council considered changing the names, they decided to retain the name Hebron. Residents of both cities still live in close proximity one another, and both have access to the same public transit systems.

Hebron, Connecticut is located within a short driving distance from two of the best cities in Connecticut: New Haven and New London. Within an hour’s drive, you can reach New York City via I Providence, or you can travel to New York via a number of toll highways. Residents of this town enjoy close proximity to the famous Connecticut attractions, including the Space Shuttle, which is right near the Hebron Connecticut State Park. On your way to or from the state park, why not stop at the Old Town Church and explore the historic architecture of the area? You may also want to stop at the New Haven Union Station for great coffee, donuts, or meals!

Hebron is just a short driving distance from the capital of the state of Connecticut; however, many residents choose to commute through the city of New London, which is located in neighboring Connecticut. Why stay in a small town that does not offer all that New London and the neighboring areas have to offer? The answer is that there is nothing special about this quaint town, other than the fact that it is home to two very popular men’s pubs: The Lumberyard and The Bannerman’s Club. Take your pick of drinks, food, and music in this quaint town of Hebron Connecticut!